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Yung Lean Net Worth

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Yung Lean Full Biography

Who is Yung Lean?

Yung Lean is a Swedish rapper whose popularity has gone far beyond his native country. A white guy with a teenager face hangs out with Travis Scott and Kanye West, gaining millions of views on YouTube and writing cloud rap about the vanity of being, where caustic irony alternates with deep sadness.

Childhood and youth

Jonathan Aron Leander Khostad, who became famous as Yung Lean, was born on July 18, 1996 in Minsk. According to the sign of the zodiac, he is Cancer .

Despite the fact that both of his parents are Swedish, Yung Lean’s early childhood was spent in Belarus, where his diplomat mother worked at the embassy. His father, Kristoffer, translated from French, and also wrote poetry and fantasy novels.

The grandmother of Yung Lean, Disa Hostad is a well-known writer, journalist and public figure, author of books about the Soviet intellectual elite.

And his great-grandfather Alice Hostad was a professor and politician, a member of the Swedish Parliament and governor of Uppsala County.

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At the age of five, Jonathan returned to Sweden, where he began to go to school in the Södermalm district of Stockholm.

True, Yung Lean did not demonstrate success there: he did not differ in attentiveness and diligence, systematically violated discipline and began to get caught in petty hooliganism.

The future singer painted graffiti in the wrong places and smoked weed, earning pocket money at McDonald’s.

From the age of 10, he listened to rap, and at 11 he already wrote his first own song, inspired by the work of 50 Cent. Unpretentious readings to standard beats united him with friends who took on the pseudonyms Yung Sherman and Yung Gud.

The teenagers recorded music in Jonathan’s basement and posted it online, where they became known as the Sad Boys.

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The 16-year-old Swedish rapper was glorified by the track Ginseng Strip 2002, the video for which was released on YouTube in 2013 and became viral, gaining millions of views. A little later, a Kyoto video appeared, which had a little less views.

Since then, Yung Lean’s musical career has skyrocketed, releasing his debut mixtape and mini-album in the same year, which allowed him to enter the American market.

A chubby guy with a child’s face, lazily reading about drugs and depression, attracted the attention of overseas producers.

Therefore, after the release of the first full-length album Unknown Memory in 2014, the musician went on tour in the United States, which began in New York with a sold-out concert on the main stage ballroom Webster Hall.

In the same period, Yung Lean collaborated with Thaiboy Digital to record a video for the song Diamonds.

The Swedish rapper recorded his second record already in America. The Warlord CD was released in 2016.

As in the previous release, there was no tricky concept in it: Yung Lean simply expressed himself as best he could, and he completely defined the genre of his music as a “coincidence”.

He admitted that he took up rap only because he was born in the era of recitatives and beats, and if he had been born in the 1970s, he would have been a punk.

On Stranger, which Yung Lean released in 2017, the sound turned out to be more melodic and less oppressive than before.

Guitar and piano parts appeared here, lyrical lines and experiments with materials and meanings, which eventually made the musician himself doubt that he was still working in the hip-hop genre.

In 2020, the fourth album of the Swedish musician was released, called Starz, where the genre style turned out to be even more blurred.

The sound of alternative rock was added to the usual cloud rap, and Yung Lean replaced the tour in support of the record, which did not take place due to quarantine restrictions, with an online broadcast from a truck.

Yung Lean Personal life

The musician often gives interviews and does not hide the details of his biography and personal life. He admits that, while living in the USA and recording his second album, he was heavily addicted to a mixture of different drugs – from marijuana to cocaine.

Also, at the same time, his mental problems began: in fits of uncontrollable rage, the rapper crushed everything around and, as a result, he seriously cut himself on fragments.

The trigger was the fact that Yung Lean and his girlfriend had nosebleeds at the same time, and this was revealed during the video call, since they were on different continents. This coincidence struck the guy so much that he was “covered”.

In the hospital, Jonathan was overcome by paranoia, and as a result, his father came for him, whom the guy at first could not even recognize. Recovery took months of seclusion, where in nature and away from music, Yung Lean received treatment.

He was diagnosed with “bipolar disorder”, and since then the musician has been taking psychotropic drugs prescribed for him.

The guy spoke about his mental problems and the path to recovery in the documentary film “In My Head”, which was released in November 2020.

After a turbulent life in America, in Sweden, the rapper got a job at a factory, where he stood on the shampoo production line and just measuredly pressed the buttons, which calmed him down. Gradually, he returned to music, which he began to write at home.

Jonathan spends his free time reading, drawing and ceramics – these activities help him find peace of mind. He also takes pictures, plays the piano and writes books.

Yung Lean tattoos

The musician’s body is covered with numerous tattoos, especially his arms are striking: forearms, which depict giant numbers 1996 and 2001, fingers, where LEAN DOCK is written, Freddy Krueger on his left shoulder.

Yung Lean now

Now Yung Lean continues to make music. He is happy that he did not accept the fate of the author of one hit and creates again, searches for himself and releases new albums.

On April 8, 2022, his discography was expanded with the Stardust mixtape.



  • 2014 – Unknown Memory
  • 2016 — Warlord
  • 2017 – Stranger
  • 2020-Starz

Mini Albums:

  • 2013 — Lavender
  • 2018 – Crash Bandicoot & Ghostface / Shyguy
  • 2019 – Total Eclipse


  • 2013 – Unknown Death 2002
  • 2016 – Frost God
  • 2018 – Poison Ivy
  • 2022 – Stardust

Interesting Facts about Yung Lean

  1. Yung Lean knows how to cook, and his signature dish is meatballs with Greek cheese, mashed potatoes and pickles.
  2. Jonathan is writing a gangster drama and rock opera based on Swedish serial killer John Ausonius.
  3. Trinity College Dublin University Philosophical Society awarded the musician the Bram Stoker Medal for Cultural Achievement in 2019.
  4. The song Ginseng Strip 2002, released by Yung Lean in 2013, suddenly took over TikTok on the eve of Valentine’s Day 2022. Social network users began to massively make videos with kisses under the phrase Bitches come and go but you know I stay, which has become a symbol of the promise of devotion to their partners.
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