YouTube has a new trick with video enlargement. How it works?


The YouTube app for Premium members has a new experimental feature. The service has launched the ability to scale video using pinch to zoom on the screen.

It is worth noting that the YouTube app already had a video scaling tool, but it only allowed to fill the screen on “frameless” smartphones, which often have large black bars on the sides when played horizontally.

The new function allows you to increase the picture itself, and quite strongly. In addition, after zooming in, you can move around the entire area of ​​​​the frame in order to more closely examine its individual fragments. The whole thing is similar to the photo zoom option, and the function is based on similar zoom gestures.

If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, you can find a new feature in the YouTube app on Android: go to your profile settings and then to Your Premium Benefits. There is an item “Try new features”, where you need to enable the checkbox “Pinch or spread your fingers to zoom”.

The new feature is currently available to a limited number of casual users, with a full launch on September 1st, giving Premium users enough time to test and identify flaws. After that, YouTube will decide whether this feature is needed in the regular version of the application.

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