Your TV keeps playing ads even if you turn it off


It’s all about the wrong “communication” of the set-top box and the TV

Many commercials continue to play on streaming services even after viewers turn off the TV, a new study shows, a problem that is causing brands to spend more than $1 billion extra a year.

GroupM – one of the largest ad-buying brands – has released a new study that shows ads on streaming services play even after people turn off their TVs.

To get those numbers, the company spent six months buying ads on 20 million Vizio TVs with iSpotTV, a provider of TV advertising technology. Some of these TVs were regular smart devices, while others were connected to set-top boxes.

The results, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, were rather dismal, with about 17% of all ads on these devices playing after the TV had already been turned off.

According to GroupM, the reason these ads keep playing is because viewers using a streaming device usually just turn off their TVs instead of first closing the device’s apps. TVs do not always send the appropriate signal to set-top boxes that are plugged into their ports, which means the set-top boxes will continue to work. They will continue to play your show and any ads associated with it.