Your Expensive MacBooks Are Outdated – Apple’s M2 Processor Introduced


Even faster

Today, Apple still introduced a new generation of proprietary chip M1 – M2.

The chip is manufactured using a 5nm process technology and has 20 billion transistors. The crystal itself at M2 has become larger. Memory bandwidth is now 100 GB/s (50% more than before). The processor is 10-core.

In terms of performance, the increase was 18% compared to the M1. Compared to a 10-core non-Apple mobile chip, the M2 is 1.9 times faster.

In terms of graphics, the increase was 35% when compared with the first generation of Apple’s proprietary chipsets.

Apple claims that the 10-core M2 chip can compete with high-performance laptop processors, delivering 90% of the performance of Intel’s 12-core model, while consuming only a quarter of the power.