You don’t have to buy an iPhone anymore. Apple will distribute smartphones by subscription


It’s no secret that Apple makes fabulous profits from the sale of its products. Especially from the iPhone – “apple” smartphones bring the company 52% of all revenue. But that businessman is bad, who, even with huge incomes, does not want to earn more. So Apple is looking for new ways to make money. And it is very likely that soon it will not be necessary to buy an iPhone, it will be available by subscription.

The world is changing rapidly, and many companies have realized that it is much more profitable to receive a smaller amount from the consumer, but monthly, than to sell something to him once. Today, people willingly pay for subscriptions to services like Netflix, Spotify, and various software. So why can’t the same be done with gadgets? An insider for Bellington, who decided to remain anonymous, said that Apple has been working on something similar for several months.

The new service will be similar to rent: the client pays for a subscription and gets a brand new iPhone in his hands. As long as the subscription is paid, the gadget can be used. It should be understood that a subscription is by no means an installment purchase, and after, for example, 12 months of payments, the iPhone will not become the personal property of the client. If you do not pay for the service, the device will have to be returned to Apple.

It is likely that the iPhone subscription will become part of Apple One – a single subscription to all Apple Internet services. As for the timing, the service should be offered either by the end of 2022 or as early as 2023, while Apple has higher priorities.