Xiaomi techno backpack gets built-in fan and laptop stand function


Xiaomi has replenished the already extensive range of its products with another interesting novelty. A backpack called Korin Zero came out , and its main feature was the built-in cooling system from the battery and a small fan, the blades of which accelerate to 3500 rpm.

As a result, the backpack performs two functions at once: it cools the owner’s back in hot weather and protects his gadgets from overheating. Korin Zero can also be used as a full-fledged laptop stand – the back is flat, and the fan on the reverse side will blow exactly under the case.

Korin Zero also boasts water resistance and a bunch of different pockets that comfortably fit gadgets: a smartphone, chargers, keyboards and others. The novelty can already be purchased on the Xiaomi YouPin site, the backpack costs 499 yuan, which is equivalent to about $74.

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