Xiaomi smartphone killed a Woman; budget device exploded near her face while sleeping

  • September 12, 2022

Smartphones are usually very safe devices, but accidents still happen. A tech blogger from India MD Talk shared a sad story: the other day he found his aunt dead in bed, and the cause of death, most likely, was the budget smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 6A , which exploded right next to the woman’s face.

Judging by the circumstances, she put the gadget on charge and put it on the pillow next to her, this could have been a fatal decision. What caused the explosion – a factory defect or other breakdowns – remains to be seen. The family of the deceased woman has already turned to Xiaomi for support, and relatives also want the Chinese brand to take care of more reliable safety standards for their products.

Xiaomi representatives have already responded and promised to look into what happened, and the police launched their own investigation into the incident. By the way, spontaneous explosions of smartphones have already happened more than once, but the explosion leads to such a terrible death for the first time. Therefore, the owners of Xiaomi, and phones of other brands, are better off not sleeping dangerously close to their gadgets.