Xiaomi set to release smartphones without MIUI. Preparing a new sub-brand


Some of our readers have probably seen the times when Xiaomi had Mi A phones on pure Android in its assortment. Then the brand left the Android One program and for the past few years, all Xiaomi devices have come with the proprietary MIUI interface. However, this may change in the near future.

Right now, the Chinese manufacturer derives most of its revenue from its Redmi  and  POCO sub-brands . According to  The Mobile Indian  and their internal sources,  Xiaomi plans to create another sub-brand that will specialize in pure Android smartphones.

It is reported that members of the family will receive major updates for 3 years and security patches for 4 years. As for the characteristics, the entire line is going to be based on Snapdragon 700-series processors, which are designed for mid-range devices. Cheaper models should use Snapdragon 765, while more expensive models should use Snapdragon 778. The approximate price range is from $190 to $310.

To date, there is no information about how the new brand will be called and when it will see the light of day. Perhaps Xiaomi will decide to revive the once-closed Mi A series, which used to focus primarily on technology enthusiasts?