Xiaomi secretly slowed down its smartphones, and now it justifies itself to users


It’s no secret that all smartphone manufacturers look up to Apple. And it’s okay when cool functions are adopted from Americans, but usually they copy not the most successful decisions, such as refusing to support memory cards or a minijack. Recently it became known that they “peeped” from Apple and the idea of ​​​​slowing down smartphones.

The creator of the Geekbench benchmark said that Samsung is doing something similar (the Koreans got into a scandal about a month ago) and, unexpectedly, Xiaomi.

It turned out in a very funny way. John Poole, the creator of the Geekbench smartphone benchmark app, renamed his program to Fortnite and Genshin Impact, after which the performance of Xiaomi Mi 11 in the benchmark dropped by 30% in single-threaded mode and 16% in multi-threaded.

The Chinese did not remain silent and immediately commented on the accusations. Here is what the press service of the company said:

Xiaomi applies a certain strategy to manage the temperature of the device. All this is aimed at ensuring optimal performance, especially in the case of resource-intensive games that are often used for a long time. On many of our devices, we offer three types of performance modes – this gives users the ability to adjust the balance between performance and energy efficiency at the hardware level. All optimization scenarios related to application performance take into account many important factors such as power consumption, performance and device overheating.”

Thus, Xiaomi has confirmed that special settings are used to increase battery life and reduce temperatures, which reduce the potential of the device in games. At the same time, the performance modes mentioned by the Chinese, one of which does not slow down the smartphone, are only available on new devices with the latest versions of MIUI.

Owners of older devices with artificially low performance can do nothing.