Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot: Price and Specifications


Xiaomi Cooking Robot can cook 200 dishes by itself. How much does it cost?

Not everyone likes to cook food, and especially for such people, electronics manufacturers produce various devices that eliminate the need to personally stand at the stove. So Xiaomi introduced the culinary robot Mijia Cooking Robot, capable of taking the burden of cooking on itself. To do this, the arsenal of the device has as many as 35 operating scenarios.

The robot can fry, stew, steam, knead noodles, chop meat, squeeze juices, grind coffee, support low-temperature cooking and accurate weighing of ingredients with an error of up to 1 g. And these are far from all the new features.

There is no full automation here, the user will have to prepare, place products inside the device and select a recipe. After that, the “smart” CookingloT algorithm will take over, able to determine the optimal temperature, cooking time, mixing speed for each dish individually. At the same time, the gadget allows you to cook 3 dishes and soup.

All the necessary information is displayed on the 8-inch touch screen, you can control cooking immediately through it or by voice. More than 200 ready-made recipes are preinstalled in the system. As for the cost of this miracle gadget, Xiaomi asks $870 at the pre-order stage, after which it will be more expensive – $1015.