Xiaomi is in trouble. The company’s new flagship comes with a defective camera


Xiaomi is in trouble. The company's new flagship comes with a defective camera

Xiaomi is in trouble. The company’s new flagship comes with a defective camera

The latest Xiaomi flagships found a marriage. The company’s devices have problems with the tightness of the case, which is why their cameras fog up with a sharp temperature drop.

The defect was reported a few days ago. Arseniy Petrov was the first to reveal an unpleasant surprise on the Wylsacom channel, and yesterday our colleagues from Mobiletelefon conducted tests and found out that the problem affected all devices in the line: Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12x. Fogging occurs, for example, if you leave a warm house outside or get into a car after a photo shoot in the fresh air.

As a result, the quality of the photos deteriorates noticeably, and nothing can be done about it. Just wait until the condensation disappears naturally.

Also, this fact is fraught with the fact that condensate can accumulate inside and damage the sensor. The compliance with the IP68 standard declared by the manufacturer is also questionable – what will happen if the phone falls into the water? In addition, repairing the device under warranty in this case will not work, since the moisture ingress indicator will work.

Xiaomi has already responded to the problem with a rather strange statement. According to brand representatives, “fogging is observed only in the reviews of Russian bloggers,” and in China, for the market for which the devices were released, there are no such problems. The company promised to study the observations of the first users and solve the problem by the premiere of the global version of the smartphone in Russia. In general, buying Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro on AliExpress is definitely not worth it now.