Xiaomi introduced the CyberOne humanoid robot for $100,000. What is it all about?


Yesterday, another presentation from Xiaomi took place, at which the Chinese company introduced many interesting new products: smart watches, wireless headphones, a foldable smartphone and, suddenly, the humanoid robot CyberOne. Its parameters are close to real human ones: height – 177 cm, weight – 52 kg, and the body is made in a minimalist black and white design. The robot can walk and pick up objects, moving at a speed of 3.6 km/h.

The robot does not have a face, instead it has a solid OLED display. With the help of 3D vision, CyberOne is able to navigate in space and avoid obstacles. Xiaomi has developed a special body control algorithm that allows you to coordinate the movements of all joints, which the robot has 21.

The main function of CyberOne is to help and interact with people. The robot can recognize 45 different human emotions and determine 85 types of environmental semantics. During the presentation, CyberOne showed off a few of his skills: he gave the Xiaomi CEO flowers and then posed for a selfie with him.

However, CyberOne should not be expected to be on sale, at least not in the near future. This is just a prototype and its capabilities are severely limited. So far, the Xiaomi robot is needed as a research platform for further testing and upgrades. The predicted price of the model will be from 600 to 700 thousand yuan (from $89,100 to $104,000). In general, it would be interesting to look at the confrontation between CyberOne and the robot from Tesla in the future.

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