Xiaomi has released a smart lamp to combat insomnia for $89



Another interesting novelty has replenished the already wide showcase of goods from Xiaomi. This time, the Chinese company has released a “smart” lamp with Mijia alarm function. Its key feature was the ability to simulate sunrise and sunset, which, according to the manufacturer, will help the owner fall asleep and wake up naturally – from the light, and not the crackle of a conventional alarm clock.

The smart alarm clock mimics the behavior of the sun with 198 full spectrum LED elements. They can generate 15 types of light “white noise” and support 10 dynamic modes. The gadget adjusts the lighting level depending on the local time. In the evening, the intensity of the light is reduced to smoothly put the owner into sleep, and in the morning, 30 minutes before the call, the brightness is increased so that the person can wake up before the beep.

Also, the new gadget can come in handy when doing yoga and breathing exercises. In the breathing meditation mode, you need to take deep breaths in sync with the glow. Now the alarm clock is at the stage of crowdfunding, and they ask for $ 82 for it. And when the fundraising ends, the model will go on sale, but it will cost $89 already.