Xiaomi has released a large portable battery that can be charged from solar panels

  • September 6, 2022

Xiaomi products seem to be present in almost all branches of the techno market. Today, the Chinese have filled one of the gaps by releasing their first portable power station. Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro can charge multiple devices at the same time and be used as a power source for home appliances.

The main advantage of the novelty is a hybrid lithium battery with a liquid electrolyte. These power supplies are designed to last as long as possible and are commonly found in Tesla and other advanced electric vehicles.

In terms of specifications, the battery case is IP67 protected, has a peak output of 1800W and a capacity of 1022Wh or 280,000mAh . The manufacturer promises 1000 charge / discharge cycles without loss of capacity, and to prevent problems with overheating, 21 temperature sensors were placed inside the novelty.

At the same time, up to 13 devices can be charged from Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro, and it can also work as a constant power source due to the bidirectional inverter. The device itself can be charged from the mains, car cigarette lighter, or outdoors from 100W solar panels, which Xiaomi will sell separately for $190.

For the convenience of battery management, the developer has released a proprietary application where you can view power information for each port.

Mijia Outdoor Power Supply was priced at $865. You can buy it now in the Xiaomi Jingdong flagship store, and for sure the novelty will soon appear on AliExpress.


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