Xiaomi Band 7 Pro may still be released this year. What will it be


Xiaomi Band has been an industry leader in low-cost trackers that boast excellent performance for many years. And even though they have problems too, do people really love them? Yes and with a high degree of probability this gadget is now on your hand.

A few days ago, the company introduced Xiaomi Band 7, which lost the word “Mi” in the title. We never got the promised Pro version, but it’s too early to despair, and it still can be. At least, some analysts are sure of this, and they even give quite convincing arguments in favor of their hypothesis.

Will there be a new Mi Band

According to several insiders, leakers and analysts, the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro could be coming soon. There have been rumors about a Pro variant of the Band 7 for a while, but Xiaomi has only officially unveiled the regular and NFC variant of the smartband so far.

At the moment, the most recent information is that the novelty can be presented with the long-awaited Xiaomi 12 Ultra, which was somehow delayed at the development stage, but can move to a new level of hardware performance.

And the company also announced a collaboration with Leica, and the new smartphone can get, if not the best, then definitely one of the best cameras in the industry. In the past, Leica has helped make cameras for Huawei’s top-end smartphones, which have shown excellent shooting capabilities.

When will the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro be released?

Returning to the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro, it is worth telling what we (according to rumors) can expect from it. Some whistleblowers have claimed that Xiaomi is not yet done with the Band 7 series and that the Pro version is still in development, while others will clarify that the Mi Band 7 Pro is coming soon.

A little more information about the potential gadget can be found on the Chinese social network Weibo, where a lot of data has been collected. It may seem that the lion’s share of them is just the imagination of the authors, but this is not so. In the end, the idea of ​​expanding the famous line has been suggested for a long time.

The release of a new tracker has been asking for a long time. Therefore, there is less and less doubt about it.

And it is the appearance of the novelty along with the breakthrough Xiaomi 12 Ultra that would be a great twist on the whole story. Two cool gadgets in a separate big presentation. What could be better? It remains only to add that the presentation should take place in July. This was almost officially confirmed by the head of the company, talking about the beginning of cooperation with Leica.

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How Xiaomi Band 7 Pro will be different from the usual

Now it remains only to understand how the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro should differ from the basic version so that users want to buy it. Most likely, in the event of a launch, the novelty will have GPS support, which we never expected in the regular Band 7.

Naturally, such a device will require a more capacious battery (according to rumors, 250 mAh) to operate such a device. And it will need a larger body. However, this is even a plus, because the new gadget will then have an enlarged screen. This will be one of the main features that will make users buy Xiaomi Band 7 Pro.

Many are waiting for the new

Is Xiaomi making a new tracker

Additional, albeit indirect, evidence that the company is working on a new gadget is that the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro was allegedly leaked some time ago when it appeared in the Mi Door Lock app code. Although, later the mention of the mysterious novelty disappeared and now only Band 7 NFC and the regular version of Band 7 are listed in the code.

Band 7 Pro has already flashed in the firmware of other devices.

However, this may be the desire of the company to cover their tracks in order to roll out a new tracker unexpectedly. Otherwise, user expectations may affect sales of the Band 7 presented a few days ago.

But it should not be ruled out that the developers simply made a mistake and included the Pro version in the firmware code by accident. We will find out later. And, perhaps, very soon.