Xiaomi asks if users want Dynamic Island from the iPhone 14 Pro?

  • September 19, 2022

Dynamic Island is definitely one of the biggest new features of the iPhone 14 Pro. It’s only a matter of time before a similar solution appears in devices from other brands. Lu Weibing, CEO of Xiaomi Redmi, has already asked users if they want Dynamic Island in their smartphones.

What is Dynamic Island?

On the technical side, these are two separate cutouts for the front camera and Face ID sensors, which are surrounded by an interactive widget. This widget provides additional information, such as incoming calls or connected wireless headphones, provides navigation tips, and displays the currently playing audio track. The potential of such a solution is almost unlimited, as evidenced by the fact that Dynamic Island can even be used as an element of a classic game.


A few days after the premiere of the new iPhones, information appeared about copying the functionality of Dynamic Island on Android smartphones – special themes for MIUI and Google Pixel were released. Of course, while these are unofficial modifications, but soon large manufacturers will take up the matter.

Xiaomi never asks such questions for no reason, so we can assume that the Chinese are already creating their own version of Dynamic Island. Surely this will not be a direct copy of two separate cutouts, but something similar using the standard for Android round island of the front camera. There are no downsides to adapting Apple’s idea, because this is not just another marketing ploy, but a useful functional addition to a smartphone that many users will perceive with enthusiasm. The only concern is that the front camera lens with an interactive widget will quickly get dirty with fingerprints. But, in the end, it can always be wiped.

What do you think about adding a similar solution to Android smartphones?