Xiaomi and Redmi fans are furious; The Phones copied the worst feature of Apple



While it’s still hard for some people to imagine that a charger isn’t in the box with a new phone, more and more manufacturers are choosing to remove one from the box.

Equipment deteriorates, prices rise

Previously, almost any smartphone always came with a charger, USB cable and headphones. However, additional accessories are not only additional costs associated with their production. The more items in the box, the larger its size, which means the higher the cost of shipping devices from the factory to stores.

Manufacturers have been cutting the packaging of new smartphones for years now. Gradually, they began to remove the headphones, and then the chargers. The first here, as always, was Apple, which launched the iPhone 12 without a charger in the kit. But we received reassuring promises that instead, the manufacturer will supplement the smartphone with a better, more durable cable.

Is Redmi following in the footsteps of the iPhone?

Yesterday, Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11SE in the Indian market. Although most of the information on the topic is devoted to the characteristics of the new smartphone, the message of the Xiaomi India official website that the phone will be shipped without a charger has not escaped the attention of buyers.

Of course, this is not the first Xiaomi model to come out without a charger. The Chinese began to remove it last year, starting with Xiaomi Mi 11. And even then, this decision caused a lot of indignation among buyers, many of whom eventually refused to buy a flagship.

However, the Note 11SE is the first budget phone in the Redmi i series to leave the factory without a charger. All other smartphones of this brand have a complete set for sale – at least that’s what the official website of Xiaomi India shows.

It remains to be seen whether the upcoming Redmi devices will have a free charger in the box, or whether the Note 11SE will be the first of many state employees whose boxes will become one accessory lighter.