Windows update “kills” the sound on the PC. How to solve the problem?


If you want to fix something, there is always the risk of breaking something in the process. The validity of this principle is once again confirmed by Microsoft, whose recent update to Windows 10 led to audio problems at the system level. It got to the point that for some users the sound disappeared altogether.

Actually, Microsoft has already acknowledged the presence of such an annoying bug. After installing the KB5016616 update, depending on the hardware configuration, the sound in the system may be interrupted or disappear completely. If you’re unlucky enough to encounter these issues after updating, then Microsoft recommends doing the following:

  • Run the standard audio troubleshooter from the control panel.
  • Disable sound enhancements (Start -> Settings -> System -> Sound). In the last window, you need to select your audio device and disable all improvements on the corresponding tab.

Microsoft promises to fix this bug in the next update, so for now it is better to refrain from updating the operating system. Or update your sound hardware drivers before downloading the Windows 10 update.

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