Why you need to remove the protective case from your phone regularly


Why you need to remove the protective case from your phone regularly

A smartphone case is an indispensable thing, it protects the case from scratches and is able to protect the gadget from damage when dropped. However, sometimes there are situations in which the case itself becomes a source of trouble. We will tell you why you need to regularly remove the protective case from your smartphone.

Measures against overheating

Modern smartphones boast good hardware at the level of full-fledged computers. But you have to pay for the technical characteristics – powerful gadgets get very hot. This is especially felt under load, for example, when you play demanding games. The same thing happens with new models during fast charging – the smartphone starts to heat up more than usual.

What’s with the cover? The fact is that in most protective cases there are no perforations, so they simply prevent the smartphone from dissipating heat normally. That is, the phone in a dense case starts to heat up even more. If you play games in the case often and for a long time, there is a risk of damage to the device components. Especially the battery, which begins to degrade and lose capacity when heated. Therefore, smartphone manufacturers are advised to remove the case during games and when charging the device.

Destruction of bacteria

People constantly carry smartphones with them, use them in public transport. twirl in their hands. In such conditions, a huge amount of bacteria begins to accumulate on the protective cover and under it. In order not to harm not only the gadget, but also yourself, it is worth periodically removing the cover, washing it with soap or treating it with antibacterial agents.

Scratch Prevention

No matter how tightly the case is attached to the phone, dust inevitably accumulates under it. Over time, it begins to penetrate into the case through the connectors, and this does not bode well. But dust is another half of the trouble, crumbs, pebbles or other small objects that start scratching the case can accidentally get under the cover. All this can be avoided by removing the cover from time to time and wiping it down.