Why OnePlus 10R lacks a sound mode switch: OPPO explains


Starting with OnePlus 2, all smartphones of the brand were equipped with a proprietary sound mode switch at the end, also familiar to iPhone owners. After deepening the integration of OPPO into OnePlus, many of the brand’s new items were deprived of this detail, which caused bewilderment among brand fans.

Even more questions arose with the recent debut of the OnePlus 10R / Ace, also devoid of a volume slider – even though it belongs to the flagship family.

The president of the Chinese division of OnePlus, Li Jie, who replaced Pete Lau in January, decided to explain such a controversial decision.

On his Weibo page, he stated that “removing the switch is not an attempt to save on cost, but a compromise to improve heat dissipation and communication quality.”

He argued his position by saying that adding a switch would take away precious internal space in the case, which was allowed for improved antennas and a cooling system. Ironically, the other day, massive complaints about the OnePlus 10R/Ace overheating began to appear on the Web.

In addition, this model is far from a flagship solution, in which companies always manage to find a place for a bunch of large camera modules, and wireless charging, and in the case of Samsung, even for an entire S-Pen stylus compartment. Therefore, we propose to draw conclusions on the situation on our own.

OPPO explains the ditching of the sound mode switch in OnePlus 10R


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