When will the Pentagon share UFO data with the public?


Amazing candor by the military

Since humanity began to actively explore outer space, it has constantly wondered if there is life outside the Earth.

In the 20th century, evidence of people sighting UFOs began to appear more and more often. At the same time, stories began to appear that the governments of various countries were secretly meeting with extraterrestrial life, leaving it a secret from ordinary inhabitants of the planet.

A number of Pentagon representatives made statements on this topic. They expressed their willingness to share any data on extraterrestrial life in the event of its discovery.

There are structures in our government that are looking for life elsewhere, and they have been doing this for many decades, they are looking for extraterrestrial life. Our task is not to hide something if we potentially find something, but to understand what might be beyond our planet , and to explore what it might mean for us, if in terms of defense there are some implications and implications for national security.

Ronald Maltry

U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

Recall that earlier the chairman of the special committee on intelligence of the lower house of the US Congress, Adam Schiff, said that the general public only has a lot to learn about unidentified air phenomena.

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