WhatsApp will stop working on older iPhones


Owners of older iPhones will soon have to say goodbye to WhatsApp. New support information has appeared on the official website of the messenger – now only “apple” devices with the operating system version iOS 12 or higher appear there. In fact, this is a sentence only for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C, they function on iOS 10 – but all models with iOS 11, without exception, have the opportunity to upgrade to iOS 12.

It is worth noting that the above does not mean the complete cessation of WhatsApp, at least for now. If the messenger is already installed, then it will continue to function, but will no longer be updated. The old version of WhatsApp can also be downloaded if it has already been downloaded via AppleID. This state of affairs will last until the end of this year, then the messenger will stop working completely.

WhatsApp developers made this decision solely for financial reasons. They collected statistics about the devices on which the messenger is installed and came to the conclusion that there are very few owners of iPhones with a version below iOS 12. And spending time and money optimizing the messenger for a handful of people with old devices is simply not profitable. As they say, the market has decided – buy a new smartphone or say goodbye to WhatsApp.

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