WhatsApp received 6 useful features for fans of voice messages


WhatsApp developers announced the addition of six new features to the messenger, which should make the use of voice messages more comfortable. All of them have already been tested in the beta version of the application, and will reach the final version of the client within a few weeks.

  • The first function is background playback. The voice message continues to play even if you exit the chat window and go to another WhatsApp tab. This is useful when you need to respond to another person urgently.
  • While recording, the audio message can now be paused and then continue recording. For those who often go astray, this is a useful feature.
  • The same applies to voice playback. You can pause them, and then continue listening from where you left off.
  • There was a visualization of the voice – a special sound wave that is displayed during playback.
  • Now you can listen to your voice message before sending it.
  • Well, the last feature is the playback of voice messages at an increased speed. In addition to the standard 1x option, 1.5x and 2x are available.

WhatsApp developers report that its users send each other about 7 million voice messages every day. Probably, after such an update, their number will increase significantly. And what do you think?