At the current stage, it mostly refers to those who use WhatsApp on computers running the Windows operating system. Only them has got the new functionality so far. The update for Apple computers and laptops is still at the testing stage, and the exact timing of its release is not known. Taking into account the fact that in recent years the green messenger has been constantly in the stage of catching up, it is good that really useful innovations have begun to appear in it.

The new version has the ability to use WhatsApp without having to keep your smartphone online. That is, you can safely turn it off, run the application on your computer, and everything will work fine. What has been in Telegram for a long time has also reached WhatsApp. Let’s see how the new feature works and how you can update the application on your computer.

Whatsapp update 2022

Soon the same update will be released on macOS.

The fact that WhatsApp has long been hopelessly behind Telegram in terms of its capabilities is clear to almost everyone. It is not clear why he is not trying to catch up. Most likely, the number of loyal users allows you not to rush with updates and release them a teaspoon per hour. In this situation, the latest version of WhatsApp for Windows looks like a small breath of fresh air.

The ability to work in the messenger without the need to keep the phone turned on next to the computer has been asking for a long time. Agree, the workplace may be located where there will be no mobile connection, and WhatsApp is needed on a computer for work. In such a situation, I had to pervert in different ways in order to catch the Internet on my phone and give the computer access to WhatsApp . Now you don’t have to do this.

What pleases even more is the almost complete absence of any restrictions on the use of one account on several computers. We know how they like to do everything in WhatsApp in their own style. For example, do not allow the messenger to be password-protected with a code other than the system code. There is only one limitation here.

The account can be used on one smartphone and four linked devices. This, of course, is not unlimited, but it is also quite enough. Moreover, one can hardly imagine a user who uses, in addition to a smartphone, work and home computer, two additional devices.

To install a new version of WhatsApp on your computer , you must do the following:

The Microsoft Store is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to install an update.

  • If you have a computer running Windows 10 or later, then the application is installed on your device by default.
  • Open the Microsoft Store and go to the WhatsApp page .
  • Click the “Get” button and the update will automatically download to your device.
  • If you have a computer on an older operating system, then download the installation file from the official website and run it to update.

I advise you to update WhatsApp through the Microsoft store . It’s just more convenient.

update whatsapp on pc

But installing the new version is not enough. You also need to link the computer to your smartphone . Moreover, after the update it will have to be done again. For this you need:

    • Update WhatsApp on your smartphone using Google Play . Keep in mind that after installing the update, all linked devices will be deactivated.
    • Launch the application on the computer. A QR code will appear on the screen that you need to scan with your smartphone.
    • Launch the program on your smartphone.

If there are a lot of chats, then you will have to wait a little.

    • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Linked Devices”.
  • Point your smartphone camera at the QR code on the screen and wait until the chats are loaded.

After that, you can use WhatsApp without having to leave your smartphone connected to the network. It should be noted that with this mode of operation, absolutely all the functions of the messenger are available, including video and audio calls.

I am glad that developers are gradually starting to move towards users. Perhaps a similar app for the iPad will appear soon. Because in the current conditions, developing and releasing it should not be a problem for them. In such a situation, you can also expect that all the messenger data will move online, and changing the operating system will not cause such pain and complexity as when switching from Android to iOS. which we recently discussed in detail.

I would venture to suggest that everything goes precisely to such a simplification. But these are only my assumptions and hopes. If all this happens, then for us, users, it will only be a plus. At least looking at this update for computers, we know for sure that WhatsApp can implement really useful things.