WhatsApp finally got a cool feature that its Competitors already has


Despite the fact that the Meta corporation was recognized as extremist, and Facebook and Instagram were blocked in Russia, the WhatsApp messenger came out of the water dry and continues to work as before. This means that everyone will soon be able to get acquainted with a cool innovation.

It is reported that the beta version of the application has a trending feature that allows you to respond to messages using emoji. Competitors have had it for a long time, it’s WhatsApp’s turn.

Reactions appeared in update for Android devices. To reply to a message using emoji, you need to hold your finger on the message and wait for the corresponding menu to appear. So far, there are only six reactions: “love”, “laughter”, “surprise”, “sadness”, “like” and “thank you”, but there will probably be more of them in the future.

Detailed information about the function is not yet available. For example, it is not known in which chats you can put reactions to messages. In Telegram, this can be done both in personal correspondence and in a group chat, and even in comments.

On average, new features appear in the stable version of the messenger a few months after being discovered in beta. Based on this, there is a possibility that WhatsApp reactions will appear closer to the summer.