WhatsApp copy another useful feature from Telegram

  • September 5, 2022

Employees of the insider resource WABetaInfo told about the appearance of another new feature in WhatsApp. Messenger developers have begun testing the ability of users to send messages to themselves. This is convenient if you need to save a message, create a note, or send a file.

In general, you could already observe a similar function in Telegram, only there it is called “Favorites”. In WhatsApp, the innovation will also be active for all devices associated with the number, and for convenience, your personal chat will begin to be displayed at the top of the contact list.

WABetaInfo employees promise that an update with a new feature will be available to users of the main version of WhatsApp in the next few days. Other changes are expected along with it: quick clearing or deletion of chats, as well as real-time location viewing on connected devices.