WhatsApp big update: new features that the messenger will receive


WhatsApp , like any large service with a large audience, is constantly under development. Programmers, engineers and designers are constantly working on creating new features that can make the messenger more convenient to use.

It is difficult to imagine how many more innovations are planned by the developers for future implementation. However, thanks to WhatsApp’s open beta testing program, we can look behind the veil of secrecy and roughly estimate what exactly awaits users in the foreseeable future.


WhatsApp will soon receive several updates with a number of major innovations

Obviously, not all planned innovations are included in the WhatsApp beta versions , which are available for download to everyone. Often, developers prefer to test them on their own or believe that users do not need to know about them ahead of time. So don’t be surprised if the next update that comes with the release contains features that we didn’t cover today.

Whatsapp on two devices

Soon WhatsApp will be able to run on two smartphones at once

WhatsApp’s key innovation , which everyone without exception is probably waiting for, is the synchronization of messages between several devices at once. Now there is no such possibility, and you can use the messenger only on one smartphone.

Yes, you can run it on a computer, but for this it is necessary that the smartphone acts as a hub and is nearby, so this does not fundamentally change anything for users.

However, the developers have not abandoned the idea of ​​synchronizing WhatsApp chats between at least two smartphones at once. Therefore, right now they are testing this function and evaluating its performance. It’s hard to say how soon it will be released.

Still, this is a rather difficult technology to implement, given that WhatsApp protects all messages with end-to -end encryption by default , which makes it difficult to synchronize them with other devices.

Whatsapp chats – sorting

Sorting chats will not miss important messages

You may have noticed that WhatsApp lacks the ability to sort messages in any way, separating read from unread, and private from group messages. This is not very convenient, especially if you have a lot of dialogues and incoming messages that need to be read.

It is highly likely that you will simply miss what other users write to you, because a chat with an unread message will simply fly down, and many will not even think of looking for it manually.

To eliminate cases where users simply lose sight of incoming messages, the developers decided to add a chat sorting tool to WhatsApp . It allows you to select unread messages, separate user messages from the contacts list from those who are not there, and also select messages from groups.

Previously, such a mechanism was only available in the commercial version of WhatsApp Business , which was distributed for a fee, but now it will be available to everyone.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

Auto-delete will now work for old messages as well

Disappearing messages in WhatsApp is, frankly, a rather dubious thing. First of all, because it offers too long time periods, after which the written will be deleted. Instead of adding the ability to delete immediately after reading or after 30-60 seconds, the developers set some too unrealistic boundaries: a day, a week and three months. But to hell with them, with time periods.

Worse, you can only apply auto-delete to new messages that appear in the chat after enabling this mechanism. On the one hand, this is logical, because the instrument has no retroactive effect.

But, on the other hand, it would be logical to give users the opportunity to choose whether they want to delete old messages in the chat or not. In one of the upcoming updates, this feature will finally appear, and auto-delete will also apply to old dialogs.

Is it possible to read other people’s message in whatsapp

EU plans to monitor WhatsApp messages for signs of child abuse

All WhatsApp messages are end-to -end encrypted. Unlike Telegram, the white and green messenger does not require you to start a separate secret chat, but simply protects them by default. That is why dialogues are so difficult to synchronize with another device.

However, apparently, the secrecy of correspondence in WhatsApp may soon be violated at the initiative of the European authorities, who demanded messengers to scan user messages for child abuse.

The European Parliament plans to pass a law obliging instant messengers to detect messages in chats with signs of child abuse. These can be both photographs and videos, as well as voice messages or text messages describing the manifestations of abuse.

They say that it will not be necessary to decipher the dialogues, because the hashes of these messages will be enough for the AI , according to which it will understand what exactly the interlocutors are talking about. So far, the corresponding mechanism is not even in development yet, but it is already very frightening for both experts and ordinary users.

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