WhatsApp allows you to hide your number while chatting


If you use Telegram, you know that you don’t have to share your number there. It is required for authorization, but it can be hidden for correspondence. Other users can even add you only by ID. Those who have chosen WhatsApp for themselves cannot boast of such a luxury. This messenger, despite all attempts to upgrade itself, still lags far behind Pavel Durov’s messenger in many ways. But it looks like a lot can change now. Not for everyone and not everywhere, but the phone number with which you logged in to the messenger can be hidden.

Whatsapp new features

If you were waiting for the described feature, now we have information about a future feature for messenger users. If the test function is not dropped, then we can hide our phone numbers from the interlocutors in the Android application. This feature is currently only available to beta testers .

While the feature is in development, we can’t even roughly say when it will be released in its final version and when everyone will be able to use it. And also, will it be available on other platforms. Most of all, it is generally unknown whether a new feature will appear for all users.

Can you hide your number on whatsapp?

According to the WABetaInfo portal , which usually publishes reliable insider information about new WhatsApp developments, users will soon be able to hide their phone numbers from their interlocutors, but so far only in certain groups in the Android application.

By default, the option is inactive, in addition, it will only work for community members. The phone number of the person who joins the community is not displayed by default. Once a user joins a specific group within a community, it will be possible to make their number visible, but only to members of that group. That is, this setting does not apply to all users who have access to your account.

It will not be possible to hide the number everywhere.

Is it possible to hide a phone number in Telegram

In Telegram, a number can be hidden once and for all. That is, everyone with whom you communicate, regardless of whether the correspondence is a group or a private conversation, sees only your nickname. According to him, they can look for you to start a conversation.

The modest bits of information that we have allow us to estimate how the new feature will roughly look like. The screenshot shows how the innovation will look in the group settings. Outside communities, this functionality may come later. But, as we said above, it may not be – this is still unknown. However, it would be logical to provide more opportunities for using the new function. In the end, in Telegram it is very convenient and it is not only possible, but also necessary to use it.

Delete messages in WhatsApp groups

Among the new functions of the messenger, there are new opportunities for group administrators. When it becomes available to everyone, they will be able to delete any messages for all users. This feature is not as popular as the one described above, but it cannot but arouse interest. Although, scenarios for its use can only be attracted to the largest groups.

It will be difficult to catch up with Telegram in terms of functionality, but WhatsApp is trying.

This feature is available to WhatsApp beta testers on Android version A group admin who wants to delete an incoming message will see a “delete for everyone” option. During deletion, the username will be displayed in the chat bubble. All members of the group will know that he deleted the message.

WhatsApp has recently added many new features such as increased file sharing size, muting messages from certain users in a group chat, and hiding the latest profile picture and online status from certain contacts. But the functions in the messenger appear somehow very slowly, but something needs to be done about it.

Telegram is much more developed, and although it is still inferior to WhatsApp in terms of audience, it is rapidly gaining popularity. By the way, we have our own chat in Telegram (link below), in which you can express your opinion about the new feature.

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