What will be the new cheapest iPad?


We have a lot of interesting changes.

With the expansion of its lineup of tablets, Apple decided to call the cheapest option simply “iPad”. The price of the basic version of the device is most often around $329, if we talk about the US market.

The announcement of a new generation of iPad is expected this fall. And now, a few months before the corresponding presentation, interesting details about the device appeared on the Web.

Insiders reported that the device will be based on the Apple A14 chip with support for 5G mobile networks. At the same time, the tablet’s charging port will change from the proprietary Lightning to the more versatile USB-C.

The screen of the new iPad will increase. If it used to be 10.2 inches, now it will be 10.9 inches, with a resolution of 1640 x 2360 pixels, just like the iPad Air.

Whether the price of new items will change because of all this is unknown. But it is already clear that it will still be the most affordable tablet in Apple’s lineup.