What type of people remember dreams best?


People who remember their dreams more often tend to be more creative and show increased functional connectivity in a key brain network, according to a new study published in the journal Nature and Science of Sleep.

Scientists have tried to answer the question why some people remember their dreams every day, while others almost never do so. To find out, they used brain imaging techniques.

The study involved 55 healthy people aged 19-29 years. Twenty-eight participants were good at remembering dreams (they could remember, on average, about six dreams a week), and 27 participants were poor.

The two groups did not differ significantly in age, habitual sleep duration, or education. Participants completed surveys and three functional magnetic resonance imaging scans to measure brain activity at rest.

The researchers found that those who were good at remembering dreams had significantly higher scores on a test of creativity. In addition, scientists have observed increased functional connectivity of the brain in such people.

“Simply put, people who remember dreams well have superior creativity as well as a different functional organization of the brain, as shown by this study and previous studies in our laboratory,” the scientists noted. 

They also added that the causal relationship here is unclear.

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