What to do when tabs open on their own on your phone


Sooner or later, any owner of a smartphone is faced with the fact that over time it begins to behave strangely: the battery runs out quickly, files or entire applications disappear, and calls can be made in an incomprehensible way and even pages can be opened in the browser.

This is not only scary, but also unsafe: websites may suddenly open, thereby clogging the smartphone’s memory, which will lead to the application freezing.

This can happen for many reasons, including malware. Today we’ll talk about what to do if the smartphone began to open pages on its own, and how to protect yourself from this.

Phone automatically opens tabs

Phone opens tabs by itself? It is explainable

The fact that your phone itself opens tabs in the browser is understandable. In most cases, this happens for several reasons that are worth knowing.

  • You have visited a page with malware, as a result of which the browser has become infected. This means that when you open it, additional tabs will launch without your knowledge.
  • The second reason is one of the applications that turned out to be malicious. It somehow works in the background, affecting the opening of websites. The problem is not new, but it is quite solvable.
  • You are using an infected browser, such as Chrome or Opera. Fortunately, such cases are too rare, but you still need to know about it.

How to protect Android from viruses

Despite the fact that Google Play still checks the applications, you should not rely on the app store. Say what you like, but this is not the App Store – it is better to use an antivirus for Android and definitely install applications from trusted sources. How to protect yourself from problems?

Infected applications can accidentally get even through Google Play

  • Do not go to insecure pages that may display pop-ups (fake news sources, online casinos and movies).
  • Check the amount of free space on your phone more often, optimize your device from errors using optimizers.
  • Install an antivirus and run a scan at least once a month.

How to remove new tabs on Android

Try uninstalling Google Chrome update

Many people know that most of the problems in Google Chrome on Android are due to constant updates: sometimes they break the browser, causing the tabs to launch on their own.

The best way is to uninstall the app and reinstall it. If that doesn’t help, try clearing the cache and uninstalling the update.

  • Go to your smartphone settings.
  • Select Apps and find Google Chrome in the list.
  • After that, click “Stop” and go to “Storage”.
  • Select Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Then click Uninstall Updates.

After that, the browser will be restored to the previous version, and then you will need to restart your smartphone.

You can also try updating Google Chrome again if you think it was the wrong installation of the update. It is better to turn off automatic updates, otherwise harm the phone.

Why a smartphone lives its own life

Putting aside viruses and malware, it is likely that one of the modules of your smartphone has become unusable. Pay attention to what happened to it recently.

Dropped your phone? Do not even hope that after the fall it will continue to work normally

  • Use quality accessories . Sometimes during charging or after connecting the headphones, the smartphone starts to behave strangely, the keyboard starts to fail, and the screen does not respond to pressing. The problem may be in the low quality of the adapter.
  • Try not to drop your smartphone . A smartphone can be broken, and worse, components can be damaged. For example, a charging connector or a display. The display cable may simply come off.
  • Moisture also adversely affects the operation of the smartphone.
  • Poor assembly or defective display . Such shortcomings come out over time, as a result of which the phone starts to behave strangely. If you notice that the keys began to be pressed without your participation or the applications start up on their own, your display will probably fail soon and stop responding to pressing .
  • Also try to calibrate the screen yourself . To do this, you need to go to Settings, select “Display” and activate the “Calibration” item, after placing the phone on a horizontal surface.

After all, a system crash can always be fixed with a factory reset. Before doing this, do not forget to transfer the files to your PC or create a backup copy. If this does not help, then contact the service center.