What to do if the screen flickers on iPhone


There are problems that readers articles face and do not forget to write to us about them. So, the iPhone starts to fail on its own, and we will traditionally try to find a solution to this problem. See what we’ve been asked this week.

Guys, hello everyone. Has anyone experienced a fleeting periodic flickering of the screen in the iPhone? Literally flickers for a fraction of a second. iPhone XR.

Wow: the legendary iPhone XR was not so reliable. Let’s try to figure out how to get rid of display flicker.

iPhone screen flickering

Usually the iPhone is not prone to problems, but if it were not for the problems, then our section would not exist. In fact, some Apple smartphones have this problem: the screen has been flickering since the days of the iPhone 6 and 7, so it’s not surprising.

It’s quite difficult to encounter problems, but it’s real – you don’t even need to do anything for this. It is also important that the flicker can be intense or slightly noticeable.

Screen flickering? Let’s try to figure it out

Most often, the display starts to flicker on the iPhone suddenly: for example, after rebooting the smartphone, after updating iOS or individual applications. In this case, the problem is of a hardware nature, and it is quite possible to get rid of it by restarting the iPhone or resetting it to factory settings.

You can do this directly on your iPhone or using iTunes on your PC, after creating a backup. If that doesn’t help, try doing something else.

How to remove screen flicker on iPhone

Night Shift is not only “yellow”, but sometimes causes screen flicker

There are a few more ways to try and get rid of iPhone screen problems. For example, True Tone, Night Shift, or brightness problems may contribute to flickering.

  • Go to Settings, select “Display and Brightness”.
  • Turn off the slider next to “True Tone”.
  • After that, go to Night Shift and disable it if it was enabled.

You can also try looking into Accessibility: there’s a “Reduce Transparency” setting that reduces transparency on some backgrounds. The text will be easier to read, and the flicker will become invisible.

iPhone screen flickering after battery replacement

If the battery has been replaced, the iPhone screen may flicker

The battery in an iPhone is a consumable item. It needs to be changed when the maximum capacity approaches 80%. Flickering may occur before or after battery replacement. And this is normal in both cases: after replacing the battery , the iPhone screen may flicker .

This is explained by the fact that the capacitors inside the device are being recharged, due to which the screen blinks slightly. True, this happens for a short time – no more than 3 hours. If the problem persists, then it is better to go to the service center.

iPhone screen flickering after being dropped

As our reader noted, the phone was purchased “by hand”, although in perfect condition. What happened to him before — only the previous owner knows. In any case, the iPhone once could fall from a small height unfortunate.

Usually this does not lead to consequences, but anything can happen. In this case, the screen itself, the backlight, the board components, or the display cable may have come off .

The iPhone could have fallen during the previous owner, and the problems only started now

Also, do not exclude water ingress: despite the fact that the iPhone is protected from moisture and dust, but one sudden drop of rain can ruin everything even after some time. The problem may arise due to full storage: the iPhone simply cannot cope with the load, which can cause such micro-lags.

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