What to do if AirPlay is not working


If you ask a long-time Apple fan what features of iOS he finds most useful, among other things, he will surely name AirPlay. One of the Apple ecosystem options allows you to stream music or picture from your iPhone or iPad to an external monitor or TV wirelessly and even additional apps wirelessly. Unfortunately, even in iOS 15, this feature sometimes does not work correctly, so users have a logical question: how can this be fixed? It seems that I did everything according to the instructions, but AirPlay does not work on the iPhone, does not connect to the TV, or slows down. Here are a few ways to fix it.

AirPlay does not see the TV

In most cases, we use AirPlay to connect iPhone to TV with it . For example, in order to view some content on the big screen without transferring files and additional manipulations. In this case, the smartphone does not connect to the TV, although both devices are connected to Wi-Fi.

What to do if AirPlay does not see the TV

  • Please note that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot. Turn off cellular on your iPhone or iPad.
  • The TV is a stationary device, so sometimes it does not pick up a Wi-Fi signal well. Try to run YouTube on TV, and if the problems continue, then just distribute the Internet for the TV via tethering mode on the iPhone.
  • The TV does not support AirPlay: alas, this is found on some modern models with Android TV. They have Chromecast – an analogue of AirPlay for Android , but connecting an iPhone is more difficult. We wrote about how to do this in our previous article.
  • After all, it’s important that your TV or monitor is on: an iPhone or other AirPlay-enabled device won’t find a screen that’s off.

If the TV still has AirPlay support , then it’s best to turn off the device from the remote control, then completely from the outlet, wait 10-15 seconds and restart it. Smart TVs are not perfect and are sensitive to even the smallest glitches.

Screen mirroring not working on iPhone

AirPlay doesn’t work on iPhone. What to do?

In addition, many may notice that the function located in the Control Center called “Screen Mirroring” simply does not work. When pressed, the required device is not searched for to which you want to connect your smartphone. How to fix it?

  • Go to Settings on the iPhone and select “AirPlay and HandOff”: in the item “Auto-AirPlay on TV”, turn on Auto so that the smartphone itself connects to the TV without notification.
  • Make sure both gadgets are next to each other. You don’t need to come close, you just shouldn’t be in another room.
  • Restart Wi-Fi on iPhone. But do it through Settings, not Control Center.

Reboot both devices. If the iPhone cannot connect to the TV via AirPlay, a system failure is possible, which is treated by restarting.

AirPlay not working on Mac

Not only the TV, but also on the MacBook itself, you can broadcast the image

Not only iPhone or iPad support AirPlay, but also Mac computers. If you want to transfer an image from iPhone to MacBook, but you can’t, you need to check the following.

    • Find “Firewall” in your Mac settings, uncheck “Block all incoming connections” and select “Automatically allow incoming connections.”

Disable Firewall on Mac

  • Contrary to expectations, AirPlay is not available on all Macs. Check if your Mac supports this feature.
  • Check to see if AirPlay is enabled: Click the AirPlay icon in the bar at the top, click AirPlay On, then select the desired monitor or TV.

Update your Mac. The fact is that new versions of the software contain improvements or bug fixes from previous updates. It’s probably time to upgrade, even if you didn’t really want to.

AirPlay slows down – what to do

If your device is still connected via AirPlay to an external monitor or Bluetooth speaker, you may notice that the sound or image may freeze. So, of course, it shouldn’t be. Here’s what you can do.

AirPlay image may slow down

  • Check the connection and disconnect other devices from it: smart speakers, smartphones or computers that do not currently need a network connection.
  • If you’re connecting to a TV, make sure you close unused apps on the TV. Especially if it’s an inexpensive Android TV.
  • If the sound on the speaker slows down, try disconnecting iPhone from other devices : smart watches, headphones, fitness bracelets.
  • Sometimes sound freezes are a harbinger that the column will soon be discharged. Put it on charge.

Some experts recommend turning off AirDrop or Bluetooth on iPhone by opening Control Center, long-pressing the Cellular Data icon, tapping AirDrop, and tapping Receive off.

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