What products are not worth buying even with a big discount?


In an article about essential products, we found out that stores must have meat, dairy and bakery products from which hearty meals can be prepared. Prices for these products, even in emergency situations, should remain affordable for everyone. The rest of the products like sweets, alcohol, and so on, everyone buys at their own discretion – in fact, this is a way to pamper yourself.

Perhaps some of you have seen in American films how families drink a glass of orange juice during breakfast. And every person who saw this must have tried to start their day with this drink, because it is clearly more useful than tea, and even more so coffee – they especially like to tell various horrors about the latter.

But buying orange juice and many other popular products is not worth it, even if they are sold at a deep discount. Now let’s find out why.

Orange juice

Drinking orange juice in the morning is healthy – no one will argue with that. This drink is rich in vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and other beneficial substances. In foreign films and cartoons, people drink freshly squeezed juice , and they do it right. Indeed, in the juice that we buy in stores, there are many times less useful substances than harmful ones.

Think for yourself – who will sell a two-liter package of healthy juice for a a few amount of money? To make the price affordable for everyone, companies are trying to reduce the cost of the production process as much as possible.

Orange juice is only useful when freshly squeezed.

In almost all cases, the “natural” juice sold in bags is created by reconstituting the concentrate. Orange concentrate is usually made in Brazil – the fruit is washed and sent under a press that squeezes the juice out of them. From it, at a temperature of 60–65 degrees, all water is evaporated, as a result of which a concentrate is obtained.

Manufacturers try to maintain such a temperature that the raw materials still retain the vitamins contained in the fruits. The resulting mass is sent to factories and diluted with water with the addition of sugar and preservatives. There are useful substances in these juices, but they are much less than harmful ones. So instead of packaged orange juice, it is better to buy real fruit.

There are far fewer nutrients in packaged juice than in freshly squeezed juice.

Coffee 3 in 1

Some coffee lovers buy the 3 in 1 option. Such bags are convenient in that you do not need to grind or boil anything – just pour the mixture into a cup and then pour boiling water over it. You don’t even need to add milk and sugar, because they are already in the composition!

Such drinks have quite a pronounced aroma and taste, but you should not expect an invigorating effect from them. In the composition of most bags, sugar is in the first place – its concentration ranges from 42 to 72%. And coffee in general is often in the last position, so there is very little of it. So buying coffee in bags is not worth it even at a big discount. But if only taste is important to you, please.

You can hardly get pleasure from coffee “3 in 1”

Salads in containers

On the shelves of supermarkets there are always salads in plastic packages. People may get the impression that this is a fresh and nutritious food with an abundance of different nutrients. And indeed it is. Cabbage contains a lot of vitamin B1, minerals like sulfur, calcium and phosphorus, as well as fiber.

Carrots are very rich in carotene, which turns into vitamin A, which is important for vision. Onions saturate our body with organic acids, essential oils and other substances that protect against colds. In general, vegetables are cool.

Store-bought salads can be healthy, but bacterial growth is high

Salads in boxes are not worth the money, because they are cheaper to make yourself – most of the cost is packaging. In addition, during the preparation of salads, vegetables and other products are treated with disinfectants that can be harmful to health.

If there is no treatment, this is also bad, because dangerous bacteria can easily multiply in the packages. You don’t want to catch salmonella, do you? When ingested, these bacteria release the toxin TTSS-1, which can lead to dehydration and an enlarged liver and spleen. So be careful with salads in containers – it is better to buy products, wash them thoroughly and make a fresh salad yourself.

Salads are better to cook yourself, the effort is worth the benefits

grated cheese

You can also find grated cheese on the shelves of supermarkets. Usually they buy it in order to sprinkle pizza and other dishes – it is very convenient and fast, especially since such a product often costs less than a whole piece of cheese.

However, in the composition of such cheese there are substances that should not be there. At a minimum, this is cellulose (E460), with which manufacturers prevent the formation of lumps. It is a safe substance, but the fact that it is present in a product that can do without it is unpleasant.

If this is not enough, there is evidence that grated cheese is made from old full-fledged cheese. This factor is really disgusting.

Many people believe that grated cheese is not worth the money. What do you think?

Grilled chicken

If you come to the store with an empty stomach, you can most likely buy grilled chicken. This is a very fragrant and satisfying dish if cooked at home.

But those bought in supermarkets can be dangerous because often after purchase, sellers store them in a marinade for several days to weeks – in general, until the previous batch is sold out. So sometimes grilled chicken is spoiled or treated with substances that can be hazardous to health.

Store-bought grilled chicken may not be the freshest

Perhaps someone will disagree with this list or want to supplement it with other products. In any case, welcome to the comments or here, share your opinion.

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