What does the Titanic look like in 2022?


If you closely follow the news of science, you may have noticed that every year scientists share new information about the state of the sunken Titanic. In 1912, this passenger steamer collided with an iceberg, broke in half and sank in the waters of the North Atlantic. Its fragments were found only decades later, in 1985 – they rest at a depth of 3,750 meters. The bow and stern parts of the ship went deep into the bottom silt, and it is impossible to raise them to the surface in integrity. Therefore, almost every year, scientists make expeditions to the bottom of the Atlantic to assess the condition of the ship and film it. In 2022, the research yielded particularly big results – footage was shot in 8K quality, which revealed details of the ship that had previously gone unnoticed.

Dive to the bottom of the Titanic

The organizer of the expedition to the sunken Titanic is OceanGate Expeditions. You may have already heard about this organization, because in 2021 we already talked about how it is preparing for one of the last expeditions to the legendary ship. Usually dives to great depths are made by robots. OceanGate operates differently – it has a manned spacecraft “Titan”, which accommodates several people and protects them from cold and high pressure. Even ordinary people can become a crew member, but the ticket costs about $100,000 and passengers are required to be in good physical and mental fitness.

Deep-sea vehicle “Titan” from OceanGate

In 2022, 5 people were inside the Titan deep-sea submersible. They managed to capture the current state of the Titanic in record high 8K quality. In the video, you can see details that were previously hidden. What are the little things?

The sunken Titanic in 2022

According to OceanGate Expeditions’ Titanic specialist Rory Golden, thanks to the high-quality video, they have uncovered many previously unnoticed details. For example, he managed to make out the inscription “Noah Hingley & Sons Ltd.” on the left anchor. is the name of the manufacturer.


Sunken Titanic in 8K

I’ve studied the wreck of the Titanic for decades and done several dives and I can’t recall seeing this level of detail. It is surprising that after so many years we have discovered a new detail that was not visible with previous generations of cameras, the researcher noted.

Also seen in the video is a 90-kilogram anchor chain and one of the steam boilers, which separated when the steamer broke in two. Another interesting detail is the brace that was attached to the ship’s now collapsed mast. Finally, in the video, you can see three circular structures on the inside of the railing. These are deck fairleads, which were used to transfer the rope to the bollards on the shore and fasten the ship to the pier.

The Titanic’s boiler that fell to the bottom of the ocean

You can also see small green lights in the video. According to Science Alert , these are the lights of a laser zoom system that helped the crew estimate the size of objects they could see through a camera or window.

Laser System Lights

How the Titanic collapses

At the moment, the expedition is over. Now specialists from OceanGate are preparing for the 2023 study – they will take the camera again and will certainly share new details. It is interesting to follow this, because in the next 50 years there will be nothing left of the Titanic. Today, its hull is covered in bacteria and other organisms that eat away at up to 180 kilograms of material every year. Annual dives to a depth of more than 3.5 thousand meters allow you to monitor this process. Sometimes researchers find previously unnoticed details, like this year.

Soon there will be nothing left of the Titanic

The sinking of the Titanic is one of the worst disasters of the 20th century. During the crash, about 1,500 people died, the rest of the people were saved by the steamer “Carpathia” that sailed to the distress signal. There are many versions of what happened.

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