What are the best AA batteries? Test of popular manufacturers for the time of work



Batteries are needed everywhere: in the TV remote control, wall clocks, toys and many other useful devices. You have to change the batteries regularly, so in order to save money, I would like to do this as rarely as possible. But what kind of batteries to choose in the end, if all the manufacturers vying with each other promise that it is their product that lasts several times longer than its competitors?

To answer this question, one of the users of the iXBT site conducted his own test of several popular brands of AA batteries: Duracell Professional, GP Super Alkaline, Kodak Super Heavy Duty, Varta Longlife and Photon X. The test results were unexpected and once again confirmed that the most publicized is not always the best. But first things first.

To begin with, the author tried to discharge the batteries with a low current (200 Ma) using a special device. Clocks, small flashlights and similar devices work on it. Here’s how the batteries performed:

  1. Photon X – worked for 12 hours, gave 2286 mAh.
  2. Varta Longlife – 11 hours, 2122 mAh.
  3. GP Super Alkaline – 10 hours 45 minutes, 2094 mAh.
  4. Duracell Professional – 8 hours, 1554 mAh.
  5. Kodak Super Heavy Duty – 2.5 hours, 492 mAh.

Then came the turn of high current (1A), which is found in devices with motors, powerful flashlights, complex electronics. It turned out this:

  1. Photon X – worked for 53 minutes, gave 883 mAh.
  2. Varta Longlife – 43 minutes, 714 mAh.
  3. Duracell Professional – 25 minutes, 427 mAh.
  4. GP Super Alkaline – 20 minutes, 333 mAh.
  5. Kodak Super Heavy Duty – 97 seconds, 26 mAh.

Unexpectedly, the best result was shown by Photon X batteries – they had no competitors in terms of operating time. But in terms of price / performance ratio, the German Varta proved to be the best option. The main disappointment was the promoted Duracell, as the test showed, the batteries of this brand are a pure overpayment for not the most outstanding result.

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