What Apple will present at WWDC 2022


A little less than two weeks remain until WWDC 2022: the developer conference will be held from June 6 to 10 in an online format. Despite the fact that the coronavirus seems to be behind us, the organizers do not risk holding the event offline.

On the other hand, over the years we have become accustomed to Apple’s virtual presentations, which still make sense – so they can be seen by more electronics fans.

However, let’s talk about what will be shown at the conference this year: there are several operating systems at once, and, perhaps, some of the gadgets.

What’s new in iOS 16

iOS 16 should be even better, but don’t expect major changes

Rumors about what iOS 16 will be began to appear at the end of March. It will probably be the focus of attention during the presentation: whatever one may say, the iPhone is Apple’s most popular product, and the iOS update is what makes it so cool.

Well, one should not expect cardinal changes this year either: last year’s iOS 15, although it had a large number of small innovations, did not particularly impress users.

It is to be expected that iOS 16 will not have major differences, but new features will still appear in it. Here is a sample list.

  • New interactive widgets.
  • Updated Focus mode.
  • Improved Health app.
  • Apple Music for classical music, traces of which were found in one of the beta versions of iOS 15.

Surprisingly, leaks about iOS 16 are extremely metered. We can say that they do not exist at all. But it is already known which smartphones will receive the new iOS.

iPadOS update

If Apple introduces iOS (and it will definitely be shown), then iPadOS will follow. In Cupertino, they will definitely update the operating system for tablets, because users still have questions about it: the iPad has long received the most powerful M1 chip, which makes the tablet comparable to the MacBook in terms of power, but the operating system does not make it possible to use it at 100.

All the more interesting is the recent an insider, in which we are talking about Apple’s patent for a keyboard for the iPad and a macOS interface.

This, of course, will not happen, but here are some innovations worth knowing about.

  • Multi-window mode when a keyboard is connected, so that you can work with several applications at the same time.
  • Support for multiple profiles for different users.
  • Fully running applications in the background.
  • interactive widgets.

Analysts suggest that it will not be possible to update the iPad with the old A8, A8X and A9 processors. This means that the iPad mini 4, iPad 5, iPad Air 2, iPad 9.7 and 12.9 will not receive iPadOS 16.

macOS 13 Mammoth – what’s new

The new macOS will not have major differences from the previous version

Updating the operating system for Apple computers will be nowhere more modest: no leaks, no details. Is that optimization for the new M2 processor, bug fixes and performance improvements.

The new version of macOS will be called Mammooth, after the Mammoth Lakes ski resort in California, as evidenced by Apple’s registered trademark for operating systems.

It is difficult to say which computers will support the system: given that there will not be many innovations, the list of devices will not differ from macOS Monterey.

New watchOS 9

The latest version of the operating system for Apple smartwatches did not receive enough innovations – the developers limited themselves to only a small number of new features.

However, Apple is still betting on software changes and bug fixes, so watchOS 9 should be the biggest update in years. Here’s what will be in the update.

The new watchOS 9 will be one of the biggest updates in years

  • New health monitoring features.
  • Updated sleep tracking.
  • Satellite communications to send messages and SOS signals for the new Apple Watch.
  • New workout modes and watch faces.
  • Redesigned power saving mode.

WatchOS 9 is rumored to be available for all smartwatch models starting with Apple Watch 3. For the oldest version, functionality will likely be cut. Read more about the update in this article.

New Apple devices 2022

The matter, most likely, will not be limited to software updates alone. With a high degree of probability, we will see some devices that have been rumored for a long time.

How long have we been waiting for the M2 chip, but it is still missing and missing.

    • New M2 Chip : Apple is actively working on new processors and it’s time for the MacBook Air and iPad Pro to upgrade.

We are already tired of looking at these renders. Apple, turn it on!

    • New MacBook Air : Not so long ago we shared details about Apple’s compact laptop. Insiders indicate that the first details about the update will appear at WWDC 2022.

Mac Pro is time to update – it’s been three years since the last revision

    • Updated Mac Pro : the current one was introduced already in 2019, although the previous version was not updated at all for 6 whole years. There is every reason to wait for a new firmware, because the M1 Ultra is literally created for it. By the way, two previous Mac Pros were announced at WWDC, so the new one can be presented here as well.

We are waiting for the release of rOS for Apple glasses to understand how virtual reality works

  • Apple AR Headset : One of the devices fans are most looking forward to. According to rumors, it will have to wait until 2023, but the first details may be announced from the WWDC 2022 stage, and some Easter eggs will be contained in iOS 16, because the gadget will be paired with the iPhone. By the way, the operating system for the headset is ready.