What a first grader needs to go to school – a list of necessary things


How to collect a child needs in the first class and not forget anything? What can you buy in advance so as not to run around the shops at the end of August? We make a universal list of things for a first grader.


Preparing for school is a pleasant and exciting stage for any family. Buying things for the first class is an important stage, because the choice of each item must be taken very carefully. Firstly, in order not to miss anything, the child must have everything necessary. Secondly, to buy something that will really be convenient. And thirdly, so that things not only fulfill their functions, but also please the first grader.

Putting on a uniform that you like, using a backpack with the image of your favorite cartoon, getting pens out of a bright-colored pencil case – the more pleasant emotions a child experiences, the easier it will be for him to adapt to his new status as a student. We will make a list of things to buy when you are collecting a first grader materials for school.

School uniform

Each school sets its own rules regarding school uniforms. In private educational institutions, the uniform is the same for everyone, and it can be purchased at the school (or it is already included in the tuition fee). Public schools are generally limited to appearance requirements, which may include dress color, specific style, and completeness. When purchasing a form, you should pay special attention to the quality of the material, it is desirable to use natural fabrics, the child should be comfortable, clothing should not hinder movement.

A well-chosen set of clothes should be a capsule, where each item is combined with others. So for a set of school clothes, it can consist of several blouses, a sundress, a skirt, a jacket, a cardigan and a vest. All items of clothing are perfectly combined with each other and can be combined with at least 10 different images. For a boy, you can buy trousers, several shirts, a jacket, a vest and a pullover.

Shoes for a student should be comfortable, in a classic style, shoes and boots without decorations, the recommended color is black.

Do not forget about sportswear. For physical education lessons, you will need shorts, T-shirts, sweatpants, sneakers. If classes are held in the pool – swimsuit / swimming trunks, slates, bathrobe.


For first-graders, orthopedists recommend purchasing rigid frame backpacks, this is important so that the load on the spine is even. Pay attention to the weight of the backpack, it should be light and, together with textbooks, weigh no more than one and a half kilograms. When choosing a backpack, you should try on several options and take the one that will be most convenient.

The appearance of the backpack – color, shape, drawings and inscriptions – can be chosen by the child himself. Let the first grader personalize his satchel – hang key rings, make an applique, it is important that the child enjoys the process. Ordinary backpacks and bags for first class will not work. Until the age of twelve, experts insist on using a satchel with a frame back.


To store stationery, the child will need a pencil case. You can choose a pencil case with latches or a simpler one like a cosmetic bag. The first option teaches the child to order and store things in their places. Pencil cases-cosmetic bags attract with their design and bright patterns, images of cartoon characters are often used.

The contents of the pencil case should be:

  • Simple pencils . Soft pencils with gray lead are recommended. The use of mechanical pencils in first class is highly discouraged;
  • Handles . A first grader’s pencil case should contain blue, green and red ballpoint pens. Be sure to choose models with a rubber gasket at the point of contact with the fingers. Pens should be comfortable, if possible, test that they write without unnecessary pressure;
  • Ruler . It is better to dwell on a wooden model – such lines are hypoallergenic and less traumatic;
  • Eraser . Choose high-quality light-colored erasers that do not crumble and do not smear the lead on the paper;
  • Sharpener . It is worth stopping at the simplest and most durable model with a closed case. Do not buy electric and mechanical sharpeners, there is no need for them to study;
  • Notebooks . With the purchase of notebooks is better not to rush. In many schools, the same notebooks in a cage or with an oblique strip are purchased at once for all students;
  • Covers . Covers are bought after receiving the textbooks, since when choosing they are repelled, including the size;
  • You should not buy a diary in advance; in many schools, teachers use only electronic ones.

For fine arts and technology

Most first-graders love to draw and do crafts. To make art and technology classes more enjoyable, you need to prepare. In the first grade, the child will need:

  • Glue . It is worth buying two types of glue: PVA in a convenient package and a glue stick for paper;
  • Scissors . Choose safe models with rounded ends. Preferably scissors in a case;
  • Plasticine . Pay attention to the composition, do not buy the cheapest. Good plasticine easily changes shape and does not stain the skin. A palette of 8-10 colors will suffice;
  • Colored paper and thick cardboard (white and multi-colored) . It is most convenient to use paper bound like a notebook;
  • Paints . A first grader will need gouache and watercolors. You should not buy expensive sets and a rich palette, sets of 10-12 colors will do;
  • Colored pencils and markers ;
  • Brushes . Pay attention to brushes made of natural pile: squirrel or pony. You will need at least 3 brushes of different sizes (thick, thin and medium);
  • Album for drawing ;
  • Non-spill glass

Useful little things

In addition to the main list, parents should also purchase optional, but extremely useful things that make life easier for a first grader and add good emotions to it. These purchases include:

  • Bright water bottle
  • Lunch box with dividers;
  • Smart watch;
  • Folders for notebooks;
  • Convenient bag for changing shoes;
  • Wallet

Buying new things is a joyful process, and if the child takes part in it, it will be doubly pleasant for him to use the items of his own choice. Pink pony, transforming robot, troll or Harry Potter – let the first grader decide who he wants to see on his snack box!

Bringing a first grader to school is not an easy task! School uniforms, stationery, necessary things for fine arts and technology – how not to forget anything and at the same time not to buy too much? Let’s make a must-have list together!

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