Watch “Pas Le Temps by Nerih” It is a popular Song on Tik Tok with Meaning


Watch “Pas Le Temps by Nerih” It is a popular Song on Tik Tok with English Translation and Meaning!!!!.

We’ve just provided you with the latest song by a fast rising French singer “Nerih Off”Pas Le Temps by Nerih
The world has evolved and it moves rapidly. The has possitively affect the engagement of people towards Tik Tok. Meanwhile, In October 2021 “Nerih Off” releases His debut song on YouTube.
The song “Pas Le Temps” was adopted to tik tok around this time and since then, it has been used by thousands of influencers.

The meaning of the song “pas le temps by neriah lyrics translation”

The meaning of “Pas Le Temps ” is “no time”

“Pas Le Temps” has landed over 1 million views on YouTube. while “Off” would be hoping that the song gets 2 million views by the end of this year.

Before the release of this song, Nerih off is known to be one of the fast rising French singers. Without doubt, we can say that “Pas Le Temps” is one of the most popular French songs realeased in the year 2021.

Watch the Video

We can say the Nerih is a musician with a good heart that deserves quality attention from all music lovers.

Three weeks ago. He appreciated His music streamers. see quote Below

THANK YOU ALL! ❤️ 1M views on YouTube! It’s a great pleasure, we will continue like this and give up nothing!
You are my strength, we are together ❤️

Quotable Lyrics is given Below

Ici rien qu’on enquête, on enquête, on enquête on n’a pas trouver ce qu’on veut
– Here nothing we investigate, we investigate, we investigate we did not find what we want
À vrai dire on est bête, on est bête, on est bête, on n’a même pas fait ce qu’il faut
– Actually we’re stupid, we’re stupid, we’re stupid, we didn’t even do the right thing

Kindly Download the Song “Pas Le Temps by Nerih” on YouTube, Meanwhile, You can also check out Kaetring’s wedding Pictures Here


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