Two NASA satellites fell into the ocean after a failed launch into space


And this is not the first such result of a NASA launch in 2022.

On the eve it became known about the unsuccessful launch of two NASA satellites at once into orbit. Now, information about the fate of the spacecraft has surfaced online.

It turned out that after an unsuccessful launch, they fell into the ocean. At the same time, experts are not completely sure where exactly the satellites are, saying that “the uncertainty is quite large.”

“Looking at publicly available data, I assume that the device was supposed to land near the coast of Africa, a few hundred kilometers west of Dakar. The uncertainty is large enough that it is possible that the wreckage could have reached Senegal.”

Jonathan McDowell Astrophysicist

Recall that last Sunday, two small NASA satellites were supposed to go into orbit with the help of an Astra launch vehicle. But as a result of a malfunction of the rocket on the way to orbit, the mission failed. By the way, earlier, in February, the first launch of the space agency with the help of Astra also ended in failure.