Twitter ban Lifted!! after 222 days by President Buhari

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Information gathered from the media shows that President Muhammadu Buhari has lifted the ban (suspension) placed on Nigerians to use Twitter.

This report came as Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency and Chairman Technical Committee Nigeria-Twitter Engagement, Kashifu Abdullahi stated on Wednesday 12th January 2022.

Twitter ban Lifted!! after 222 days by President Buhari

So when is Twitter going to be accessible to all Nigerians Again?

Kashifu Abdullahia stated in the press release that Nigerians can start using Twitter again starting from 12 midnight on 13th January 2022. therefore the suspension is lifted on Thursday 13th January 2022.

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Why was Ban Placed on twitter by Nigerian Government

It was gathered that the social media platform supports the activities of Nigerian citizens which is against the government policy of Nigeria, or as the case may be. meanwhile, delegates from the company visited Nigeria in 2021 to ammend things, However the conditions stated my Nigerian government goes against Twitter policy and Customer’s protections.

Why was the Twitter Ban Lifted?

Many Nigerians believe that the Ban was lifted because, the precedential political party realized that the suspension placed on Twitter could negatively influence the coming 2023 Election, which would in turn favour the opposition party.

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However, we can not claim this is the reason behind the removal of the twitter Suspension.

What are the reactions of Nigerian Towards the Lifting of the Twitter Ban

Initially, the ban is something most of the Nigerian Twitter users didn’t dream of. This is because it affected a lot of businesses. It was reported that Nigerians lost over 1 billion Naira due to the Ban. It is understandable, because many business flourish virtually.

Now that the Twitter suspension is lifted, many Nigerians that are using VPN to run the app as now reacted to the good news.

Check the Pictures Below to see their reactions

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Buhari 1 Barn Lifted on Twtter

reactions of Nigerian Towards the Lifting of the Twitter Ban

Twitter ban Lifted!! after 222 days by President Buhari

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