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Truwer Net Worth

Truwer in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $300 thousand.

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Full Biography of Truwer

Kazakhstan regularly introduces new names to the music world. Creativity of Scryptonite, Jah Khaliband Imanbek became known outside of their native country. The rapper Truwer, who presented his debut album at the end of 2020, is also striving to join their ranks.

Childhood and youth

Sayan Zhimbaev, who became famous under the pseudonym Truwer, was born on July 17, 1994. His hometown of Pavlodar is located in the northeast of Kazakhstan, close to the border with Russia. Perhaps this proximity determines the language preferences of the musician, who, despite his nationality, raps in Russian.

Rappers are traditionally considered bad guys, but there are no dark pages in Truwer’s biography. He grew up as a calm well-mannered boy, studied well at school, was fond of sports and tried not to upset his parents. His father worked as a turner, and his mother was engaged in housekeeping.

The love for music began with listening to the track 50 Cent Candy Shop, after which Truwer himself began to write simple compositions, and not without impressing the girls. It was a great success that Adil Zhalelov, now known as Scriptonite, lived in the same city with Truwer.

They met through mutual friends and after a couple of years they became like brothers. Truwer admitted that his comrade simply “dragged him through life”, providing great help at the start of creativity.


At first, Truwer did not think about a solo career and worked as part of the Jillzay group, which, led by Scryptonite, created powerful street music. The other members of the band were Yurik 104, Niman, Six-O, Benz and Strong Symphony. At first they worked in the studio of Pavlodar, and then moved to Moscow.

The guys united to create their own label, having enthusiasm instead of finances, but gradually the group’s representatives came to the idea of ​​solo projects. However, even creating their own product, rap artists used the guest participation of their brethren in the shop.

In 2017, the group ceased to exist, and its members continued to be friends and work together. Together with 104, Truwer released the Safari album, which was written in a Moscow home studio, from where Sayan did not go out for months.

He was engaged in composing texts, while friends were responsible for the musical part. Truwer did not consider it shameful to consult on creative issues with more experienced colleagues, for example, he was always happy with the comments of Scryptonite, who pointed out successful lines and moments that needed to be corrected.

Since 2019, Truwer has been part of the Musica36 label. As part of the association, he, along with the musicians Niman, Raida and Scryptonite, released the track “Thalia”, dedicated to parties and sultry beauties.

Here he recorded his debut album “KAZ.PRAVDY”, which was released in December 2020. Niman and Scriptonite helped the musician to create his first solo album. The release of the disc, consisting of 14 songs, was preceded by the singles “Daringly” and RAHMET.

The title of the disc refers to the name of the street in his native Pavlodar, and the entire release became a return to the roots and an attempt to look at the pictures of the past with adult eyes. “All in the father”, “On Shanyrak”, “Maif” are songs about modern life through the fog of nostalgia.


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Personal life

The musician shares information about his personal life selectively. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2020, he succinctly admitted:

“Have a girlfriend. For a year and a half, only she is in my thoughts. I’m extremely lucky. Everything”.

Truwer from childhood absorbed unconditional respect for the female sex, as he grew up surrounded by sisters, whom he considered it his duty to protect from an early age. Since then, nothing has changed, although rap music is characterized by a dismissive attitude towards girls, who are usually called obscene words.

On Instagram, the rapper prefers to post his own photos, announcements of upcoming releases, fragments of clips and videos from concerts.

With a height of 180 cm, Truwer weighs 67 kg.

Truwer now

Now the musician continues to write new tracks, shoot videos and give concerts. The video for the track SOLTUSTIK, released in January 2021, in a matter of months passed the mark of 1 million views on YouTube.

In April of the same year, Truwer announced the EP HYBRID, co-written with Qurt and available on all digital platforms. Qurt is a Musica36 label debutant, but has been collaborating with Truwer for a long time, taking part in the recording of his EP and debut full-length album.

Truwer Discography

  • 2017 – “Safari”
  • 2020 — “KAZ.PRAVDY”
  • 2021 – HYBRID

Interesting Facts about Truwer

  • Truwer was engaged in Kyokushin karate for 10 years, won tournaments and even became the champion of the country, but his sports career was interrupted due to an injury.
  • In 2020, the rapper became the cover face of the men’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine in Kazakhstan.
  • Truwer’s favorite dish of national Kazakh cuisine is kespe soup.
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