Top tips to help you sell your iPhone faster online


In any case, you always want to throw your iPhone online as quickly as possible and get money without being asked to provide a small discount. For 5 years, I have sold a dozen devices from Apple, majorly of which is the iPhone. Therefore, today I will share with you life hacks that will help you sell your iPhone faster.

Here are some helpful tips if you’re thinking of selling your iPhone.

How to prepare iPhone for sale

Before creating an ad for selling an iPhone, bring it to a human form and delete unnecessary

I have always sold my smartphones the way I wanted to be sold to me. Here are some tips to properly prepare your iPhone for sale . They are required!

  • Back up your iPhone – preferably save it to your PC so you don’t lose it. In iCloud, it is better to transfer phone numbers and other important data that can be quickly restored to a new phone.
  • Unlink iPhone from Apple ID and Find My iPhone: some people forget to do this.
  • Decide if you need covers and other accessories: you shouldn’t overdo them, give away badly worn ones too. The same with wired headphones, adapter, Lightning cable – they must be in more or less decent condition before being sold.
  • Before selling, remove the case and protective glass: gently wipe the smartphone in order to put it in order and take good pictures.

How to sell iPhone faster

The most important factor in selling an iPhone is not the number of paid services you have purchased for your listing, but the appearance of the smartphone. The quality and quantity of the photos you take is also important.

Take photos that you would like to see yourself when buying a smartphone

  • Feel free to upload more pictures – the more a potential buyer considers the condition of the iPhone, the better.
  • Photos should be clear and in high quality, try to avoid blurry ones so that the buyer can enlarge them in order to thoroughly examine them.
  • Feel free to take close-up pictures of the flaws: it’s best to show the scratches as they are so you don’t have to answer these questions during the call.
  • The light should fall so that you can see the iPhone, and the picture should not include other objects or, for example, your hands or items of clothing.

Pay attention to how the text of the iPhone sale ad is composed : it must be literate, concise, understandable and without errors. Write how many years in use, about the condition and indicate which iPhone you have (perhaps refurbished or exchange ), try not to limit yourself to two or three words. Write as it really is.

  • Don’t forget to post a screenshot of the battery capacity and the current warranty.
  • Specify how much memory is in the iPhone.
  • About defects, write honestly, without “the screen is broken, but it does not affect the work.” At the same time, indicate whether the iPhone was under repair, if so, what part was changed.
  • Describe what is included in the kit (cases, headphones, and so on).
  • Whether bargaining is appropriate (if so, write something like “within reason”). This will help filter out “freeloaders” who want to buy an iPhone almost twice as cheap.

At the end, be sure to indicate why you are selling the iPhone – this life hack inspires confidence in the slightest. You don’t need to specifically describe the situation, you can limit yourself by indicating “due to buying a new one” or that you need money.

How to safely sell iPhone

After the sale ad is ready, before publishing, enable the option that you prefer only messages on the site. So you save time and protect yourself from dozens of calls, where everyone will ask the same thing – it’s much more convenient to answer in text, especially if they write “I’ll pick it up today for 30,000”, which is an order of magnitude cheaper than the indicated price.

If you are asked to send a serial number , do not be afraid – nothing bad will happen. And if they offer to enter someone else’s Apple ID data , then immediately press the “Complain” button – such characters do not belong here.

Be sure to check the buyer during the meeting and repeat the amount for the iPhone

If you already have a verbal agreement with one of the users or a vague “I will think, rather, yes, but tomorrow I will give an exact answer” – do not be afraid to negotiate with other potential buyers: lovers of “agreement” usually disappear or find another option, so you can safely look for a more adequate buyer.

When going to a deal, keep the buyer in sight and do not let him go too far or “to the car” – the check should take place in front of you. Be sure to repeat the agreed amount to the buyer so that he does not try to fool you: some tricksters call a smaller amount when transferring money , and then they try to put pressure on the fact that the meeting has already taken place and, they say, since such a thing, then it’s not a sin to make a bigger discount.

It is better to receive money for the iPhone by transfer to a card so as not to run into counterfeit banknotes. Only after that you can give the iPhone and the kit to the buyer and agree with a clear conscience, shaking hands.

And finally, a life hack: after 1-2 months, do not hesitate to write to the buyer so that he rates you. In the future, your rating will help sell goods: sellers with a high rating sell goods better .

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