Top 5 guns for season 2 in call of duty: mobile (COD: Mobile)


These are the top 5 guns for season 2 in call of duty: mobile. Picked by ranking from 5th to 1st on the list.

Top 5 guns for season 2 in call of duty mobile (COD: Mobile)

On some of the honourable mentions okay did you guys really think I wasn’t going to include the “Jak-12”.

Top 5 guns for season 2 in call of duty mobile (COD: Mobile)

Well, this gun gives arguably the most fun this year playing call of duty mobile. It’s incredible. The 2 top range is amazing and although it’s not the best in the game, I can guarantee you, your emotions will be all over the place while using it so give it a try.


  • As for the number 5 spot hammer it goes to the “PPSH”.

Listen, I know it’s number 5 this gun is incredible that sometimes hype gets ahead of me and after finishing up my first few days using it last season I came to the realization that if you’re going for range capability wise it’s among the best I mean it’s among the best.

The downside is that, it lacks in the medium ranges but at longer ranges for some reason it’s still clutches up. The time to kill is nice, odd how this gun works.

  • The number 4 spot goes to the “Type 25”.

Top 5 guns for season 2 in call of duty mobile (COD: Mobile)

The hit and bullet spread accuracy nerf on this is high.

If you find yourself dying inside every time you came against this weapon, I’m sure you’re happy. It’s still great but not the king.

It’s blast to use, though I wouldn’t make it your main full tryhard assault rifle.

  • The 3rd spot goes to the “SKS”.

The long-range capabilities is immaculate.

If you’re playing a role of holding angles, maybe outside looking into the hard point on a headglitch in search and destroy, looking over the B. Flag, the SKS is got you covered.

The only area it lacks in its close range. Unless you’re standing right on top of something then you can just double tap noscope them.

If we’re judging these guns off of how exciting they were to use, this would probably be number 2.

  • The real number 2 spot goes to two weapons, the newly buffed “Kilo” and the “M13”.



You can slightly differentiate both of these weapons, and the kilo’s time to kill close range target if you get a headshot is mind boggling for an assault rifle, which is actually where I dislike using the M13. It’s not that it’s has bad close range, it just feels awkward to move.

Whereas, in the long lines of sight, the M13is better. So they get the same score but for different reasons.

  • Lastly, the gun I think is currently the best in the game is the “CBR4”.

At close range, it obliterates, at longer ranges it’s still actually really good.

Not even just because of the stats, it’s just the way the gun feels. If by chance you have the funds, the resources, the COD points to find yourself acquiring this skin, it’s game over for the other team.