TOP 5 features we are waiting for in the iPad Pro 2022


Apple’s fall presentation is just around the corner – there is no exact date, but you can be sure that it will be. On it, we expect to see not only the new iPhone 14, but also the iPad Pro 2022. In general, the tablet is already good, but there is always something to improve: since it is already known that it will receive a fresh chip built according to the new technical process, and we will try to reason , what other useful features could be added to the new iPad Pro to make it even cooler.

MagSafe on iPad Pro

MagSafe is essential for the iPad, but in a more compact form

Apple has been pushing the new MagSafe charging standard for a long time now , and it has proven itself in both the iPhone and the MacBook.

It looks like the time has come to add it to the latest iPad Pro: the latest technology would be very useful in it, because the iPad has never had wireless charging, and it is not possible to use the tablet vertically or horizontally while it is charging.

Initially, the iPad Pro was supposed to make a solid glass back for this, but plans seem to have changed: sources say that the iPad Pro will become more fragile and heavy. In addition, Apple plans to increase the logo on the rear glass panel, which could well help recharge the iPad in this way.

iPad Pro battery

iPad Pro needs to get a battery upgrade or it will be very sad

iPad Pro is ideal when working with Magic Keyboard , but this accessory has one drawback – it leads to rapid battery drain. Apparently, there is no way to fix this oversight programmatically, so an improved battery would not hurt the new firmware. Despite this, Apple always promises about 10 hours of battery life, but this is gradually becoming insufficient given the work in energy-intensive applications: the charge begins to melt before our eyes. In this mode, the tablet will last for 5 hours, no more, and you don’t really want to sit near the outlet. In general, the iPad Pro definitely needs a new battery .

iPad Pro display

New miniLED screen could make iPad more energy efficient

As you know, energy efficiency depends not only on the battery, but also on the operating system and the display of the device itself. The iPad Pro could use a miniLED screen : due to the smaller size of the diodes, their number could increase relative to the screen area.

This gives deeper blacks, and also helps the screen fade more slowly – the miniLED uses gallium nitride, which is used in GaN chargers.

In addition, insiders are on our side: at first it was reported that both iPad Pros will receive such a display, but later Ming-Chi Kuo noted that probably only the iPad Pro with a large screen will have such a technology due to the high cost of production.

New Apple chip

But the M1 chip should replace the M2 – an excellent performance upgrade

Despite the fact that insiders are trumpeting the production of processors with might and main, everything may turn out to be zilch due to the impending global crisis and the notorious shortage of semiconductors, which has not gone away.

So, if nothing supernatural happens, we will see a new tablet with an updated M2 chip, the computing power of which, according to the conservative estimates, can increase by 20%, and the graphics power by almost 40%. Why exactly? It’s simple: the chip should become more powerful than the M1, but not exceed the performance of the “older” comrades M1 Pro, M1 Max or M1 Ultra.

New keyboard for iPad

Magic Keyboard needs to get a little more comfortable

Magic Keyboard is great to use, even though it costs. In any case, it is not intended for those who use the Apple Pencil because of the angle. It simply won’t work for a long time in this position, and the tablet itself sways during use. In the end, the very design of a keyboard with a tablet can hardly be called mobile – it all looks rather bulky and non-compact.

In addition, the appearance of a new accessory could reduce the cost of the previous version, which is nice. But we know that Apple has a new patent, which has an interesting keyboard: it resembles a compact removable module from Microsoft Surface, and the images attached to the description show windows from macOS on the iPad screen. What does it turn out, a full-fledged interface from Mac will appear in the iPad? Read more about this in our article .

What do you want to see in the new iPad Pro? Write your options in the comments!

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