TOP 15 New Movies 2022: The Best Released new Movies


Rating of new films in 2022. The best already released novelties

There is a problem with cinemas now, because of the sanctions, all high-profile film premieres pass by. However, there is no need to complain that there is absolutely nothing to watch, because digital releases have not gone away. New films are constantly appearing on the network, let them wait a little longer. And over the past six months, a lot of those have accumulated that have already come out in good quality. So let’s talk about the best new movies of 2022 that are worth watching.


  • Movie Search: 6.1
  • IMDB: 6.1

And we will start the list of the best films of 2022 with Ambulance, a crime thriller about two brothers who decide to pull off a bank robbery. When a robbery doesn’t go according to plan, the brothers are forced to flee, taking an ambulance with an orderly and an injured policeman as hostages.

In fact, almost the entire action of the film takes place in the ill-fated car, which in itself is unusual. Yes, the script of “Ambulance” lacks stars from the sky, but there are excellent action scenes on wheels, tons of pyrotechnics and interesting camera finds – the signature features of director Michael Bay, who does not spare money for special effects.


  • Movie Search: 6.1
  • IMDB: 6.6

Horror as a genre is going through hard times today. The modern viewer was frightened by everything, so that the same plot moves wander from one film to another. Not to say that X brought something completely new in this field: from the plot about young people who came to the American outback to shoot an adult video, it smells like a classic.

But here are a couple of antagonists in the form of frail old people and the very pedaling of the theme of aging looks fresh. The director and screenwriters did their best, inventing original and sometimes ridiculously absurd ways of cutting out young people. Well, fans of slashers will find in X a lot of references to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th and other cult pictures.

Hero (Ghahreman)

  • Movie search: 6.8
  • IMDB: 7.5

New Movies 2022

The style of Hollywood directors has become boring to many, as well as the ubiquitous American cinema in general. What new movie should you watch if you are one of those people? You can pay attention to international projects, for example, we recommend the French-Iranian drama “Hero”, which reveals the theme of injustice and unsteady lines between truth and lies.

The main character Rahim is serving a sentence in prison for debts. But fate gives him a chance – in the form of an opportunity to go free for a couple of days and a bag of gold coins that his girlfriend finds. Seemingly ideal circumstances to end financial bondage and start a new life, however, instead, Rahim decides to return the gold to its owner.


  • Movie Search: 6.2
  • IMDB: 6.3

We have already mentioned the crisis in the horror genre, and any lack of ideas is fraught with a return to the roots and the appearance of continuations of successful films. So the next sequel to the cult slasher “Scream” was only a matter of time. The action of the new picture returns to the town of Woodsboro, where, after 25 years, the maniac in the famous mask is again operating.

Skepticism aside, we can say that “The Scream” did not lose face. The authors did not reinvent the wheel and competently used the familiar techniques of the franchise. The sequel still makes fun of the clichés of horror films, plays with deceived expectations, is full of references to other parts, while the movie has become even bloodier. And it’s still interesting to find out who is behind the mask.

Licorice Pizza

  • Movie Search: 7.2
  • IMDB: 7.2

Looking for worthwhile new films in the comedy genre, I can recommend Licorice Pizza, an atmospheric dramedy that flirts with the theme of age difference. He is a precocious 15-year-old who already knows what he wants out of life. She is a 25-year-old girl, stuck on the path of life, who does not expect anything special. It would seem that these two can have in common?

“Licorice Pizza” sets a playful, slightly goofy tone, but at the same time remains a serious and sincere movie about the development of the relationship of two lonely people in their own way. And it focuses not on the external, but on the internal manifestations of the characters. Separately, it is worth noting the filigree recreated atmosphere of the 70s, which literally every frame is saturated with.

The Unbearable Weight of Huge Talent

  • Movie Search: 7.1
  • IMDB: 7.0

Nicolas Cage as an actor has long been out of circulation and has recently been forced to act in dubious low-budget films. This is both reality and the plot of the film “The Unbearable Weight of a Great Talent”, where Cage plays himself. A career decline, disgruntled family and debts force Cage to accept a dubious offer – to fly to the birthday party of a wealthy fan.

Only the fan turns out to be an arms dealer that the CIA is digging for. And Nicolas Cage will have to help his native intelligence. Those who wrote off Cage did it in vain, despite his age, the actor plays excellently and still burns with his work. Especially in tandem with Pedro Pascal.

Love on call

  • Movie Search: 7.2
  • IMDB: 7.2

It is customary to lure the modern viewer with inflated budgets, special effects and dozens of stars in the cast. “Love on Call”, which is not in vain in our top released films of 2022, proves that all this is not necessary for a good movie. Enough of a hotel room, two talented actors and heartfelt, vital dialogues.

The main character Nancy was unhappy in marriage, two years after the death of her husband, she decides to compensate for her sexual dissatisfaction and turn to a call guy. It turned out to be an adult, intellectual movie about feelings that are not too late to show, even if you are already 60.


  • Movie search: 6.8
  • IMDB: 7.2

“Varyag” is a film based on the famous Scandinavian epic. 895, the Viking king Orvandill is betrayed and killed by his own brother Fjolnir. But the son of Orvandill, the little prince Amleth, manages to survive. After 10 years, Amlet will return in the guise of a formidable berserker to avenge his father and regain the throne.

Robert Eggers is one of the most original, talented and at the same time non-mainstream directors. And Varyag is a clear demonstration of what happens if such a director is given money. The magnificent cast, historical authenticity and Eggers’ signature presentation immerses the viewer into the thinking of the ancient northerners, where mysticism and reality are intertwined into one ball. Fans of German-Scandinavian myths must see.

Break into the NBA

  • Movie search: 7.5
  • IMDB: 7.3

Sports drama is hardly the genre you will start looking in if you want to watch a good movie in 2022. Breaking into the NBA is worth giving it a chance, though. Former basketball scout Stanley has a trained eye, so he can easily recognize the talent in a poor single father named Beau. And this is a chance for Stanley to return to the big game, and for Bo to solve his financial problems.

Adam Sandler has repeatedly proved that he is able to play dramatic characters cool, Breaking into the NBA is another confirmation of this. There is great chemistry between the characters, and you sincerely worry about their fate from beginning to end.

The Worst Man Ever

  • Movie search: 7.4
  • IMDB: 7.8

To be frank, the Norwegian film The Worst Man in the World came out late last year, but hit international screens as early as 2022, so why not make an exception. Especially for a life movie about the generation of millennials, for whom all roads turned out to be open. But not everyone figured out what to do with these roads.

The main character Julia, who is in a painful search for herself, did not understand either. She changes professions and boyfriends, discovering something new in her own personality with each gain and loss. Well, the viewer, as a silent observer, will have to go through these stages with her and draw their own conclusions.


  • Movie Search: 8.0
  • IMDB: 8.0

The best new films of 2022 have taken us unexpectedly to Indian cinema. Cast aside doubts, Bollywood has long been able to shoot juicy blockbusters in a unique style. RRR takes us straight to the 1920s and tells about the activities of two fictional revolutionaries who challenged the brutal state system.

A high-quality picture, charismatic actors, furious action, massive battle scenes, heroes with five minutes of superhero abilities. What else do you need for the perfect movie for the evening to unload your head? Well, of course, musical scenes, without which an Indian film cannot do without … Watch and go nuts from what is happening.


  • Movie Search: 7.9
  • IMDB: 7.9

The latest “Batman” made a lot of noise, because director Matt Reeves decided to step back from the usual image of Bruce Wayne. Taking on the lead role of Robert Pattinson, Reeves showed Batman at the very beginning of his journey, young, doubtful and unsociable. And the setting itself made it even more mundane and realistic than in Nolan’s Batman.

And it turned out to be a really cool film with a stunning picture, in which literally every frame is verified. Pattinson did a great job with the role of the young Dark Knight, and for once the detective story came to the fore. The Riddler in the role of the villain turned out to be a natural maniac, and this greatly intensifies the atmosphere of what is happening.

Faster than a bullet

  • Movie search: 7.7
  • IMDB: 7.5

They say that the essence of a good movie can be conveyed in one capacious sentence. Faster than a Bullet is about five assassins who happen to be on the same high-speed train. Each of them has its own mission, somehow connected with the mission of the others. Not a bad plot for a bright action and complex combat scenes?

And this claim sounds even better if you know that the director of Deadpool 2 and John Wick 2 directed the movie, and stars played the main roles, led by Brad Pitt. In general, it turned out stylish, bright, driving and with a good share of black and not very humor.

Everything is everywhere and at once

  • Movie search: 7.4
  • IMDB: 8.2

If we evaluate the released films with a high rating by the unusual plot, then, perhaps, “Everything is everywhere and at once” will easily beat the competitors. The life of the main character Evelyn is bursting at the seams: the family business is in debt, a sick father needs care, a stupid husband is of little use, and the daughter generally brought home a girl, which is fear and horror for a conservative Chinese family.

However, all these problems fade when the existence of parallel realities and the threat they pose is revealed to Evelyn. “Everything, Everywhere” quickly picks up a crazy pace, is replete with fight scenes worthy of Jackie Chan, cool humor and contains some prohibitive number of references. Look at it in one breath.

Top Gun: Maverick

  • Movie Search: 8.1
  • IMDB: 8.6

Well, topping the best films of 2022 that you can already watch is Top Gun: Maverick. Pete Mitchell, played by Tom Cruise, is once again jumping at the helm of a loyal fighter to show young pilots who’s daddy in the sky.

Shooting real aircraft, controlled by aces, instead of computer graphics, looks incredibly cool. The aerobatic scenes are mesmerizing, and the charisma of Tom Cruise completes the cosmic effect. It turned out to be the perfect foreign blockbuster, after watching which you want to immediately quit your job and enroll in the US Air Force.

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