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fighting games for android


Fighting games are one of the most underrated game genres. Appeared in arcade machines at the dawn of the gaming industry, virtual fights have not become massive: gamers mostly remember them when they gather in large companies and do not know what to do with themselves. However, the genre still has loyal fans.

Especially for connoisseurs and beginners who want to try , we have selected the best fighting games for Android. Despite the seeming monotony, the genre has its own diamonds, which surprise both with combat mechanics and a non-standard plot. Wrap up your phone and install games from our top – here are all the most interesting things that you can download!

Knights Fight 2

Download: Google Play

Knights Fight is a rare representative of medieval fighting games. It will take you to a real jousting tournament, where the important thing is not the ability to press the sensor more times than the opponent, but the ability to outwit him tactically. The combat system of the game is thought out to the smallest detail, it will take a long time to deal with the mechanics, but the process is addictive. There is a plot with the ability to upgrade the character (buying armor, weapons, castles) and various PVP modes. True, the feedback from the players testifies to a rather intrusive donation system, which cannot but upset.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

Download: Google Play

If you are looking for anime fighting games for Android, then King of Fighters is definitely worth a look. Gorgeous 3D graphics, intuitive controls and amazing fight dynamics provide real pleasure from the process. The mobile version contains characters from all parts of the KoF franchise, which has been known since 1994. There is a story company with an intricate story, many characters with daring combos and constant events from the developers. And of course, fights with other players online, where without them!

EA Sports UFC

Download: Google Play

Ported to mobile devices bestseller from Electronics Art. The player is invited to choose one of seventy real fighters and go to the octagon to demonstrate their skills. After a couple of fights, it becomes clear that you can’t take it in a rush here – tactics rule the ball, those who like to thoughtlessly throw out an infinite number of blows face a hard knockout. Each fighter, as in real life, has its strengths and weaknesses, which must be properly managed. Khabib, Conor McGregor, Jones Jones – if these names mean anything to you, then you will definitely enjoy this game.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Download: Google Play

It would be strange if the best Android fighting games did not exploit the theme of the most popular comic universe of our time! This is the official game from Marvel, the characters of which are very familiar to everyone: you can kill yourself with the Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man or other heroes of the cult franchise. Battle arenas are also recognizable places from movies and TV shows. There is a lot of game content (both PVP and PVE), easy and non-intrusive gameplay, music, storyline and a lot of fun. Various events are held regularly, so you won’t be bored.


Download: Google Play

Boxing simulator with pixel graphics – looks very stylish and brings back memories of similar series on Dendi. The main feature is complexity. The game gives a real challenge, makes you learn timings and hone your fighting style. There is a short story that can be completed in a couple of days, an arcade mode and online battles. To fight with other players, it is better to connect a gamepad – newcomers with touch controls are destroyed very quickly. A great option for everyone who is looking for free fighting games for Android in a boxing setting.

Dragon Ball Legends

Download: Google Play

Fighting game with RPG elements based on the legendary anime franchise. If you are primarily interested in combat – feel free to press the 1v1 mode and fight against comrades or random opponents from all over the world. Management in the game is easy, but you can improve your skills endlessly. Are you a fan of the series itself? An original story company at your service. Considerable emphasis here is placed on pumping the character, who gradually receives new tricks and opportunities, so that the game simply does not have time to get bored. Graphics, rendering quality, effects, dynamics of battles – everything is on top. The only caveat: the lack of Russian-language voice acting, so knowledge of English at least at a minimum level will not hurt.

Injustice 2

Download: Google Play

Another solid superhero fighting game, this time based on the DC universe. In the world of Injustice, Superman has gone berserk, enslaved humanity and declared himself a dictator. Batman organized a resistance and imprisoned him, but the planet is still in turmoil. This is practically a reference embodiment of a mobile fighting game, where many game modes have been added, a rich selection of equipment, opportunities for character development and their abilities. The graphics are top, the game looks no worse on a smartphone than on a PC.

Skullgirls: RPG fighting game

Download: Google Play

Top fighting games for Android reached the top three and opens her very interesting project that breaks all the patterns. The game was made in the USA, but it looks like a wild fantasy of Japanese designers: curvy anime girls, jazzy soundtracks, cartoonish graphics, pop culture references and a sea of ​​perky violence. This is a team fighting game where you have to choose three characters at once to change fighters during the battle and combine their abilities. The combo system here is one of the best, the fights consist of chains of crazy moves, making Skullgirls a lot of fun to hack.

Mortal Kombat Mobile

Download: Google Play

The unfading glory of the legendary Mortal has quite obvious reasons – well-thought-out combat, variety and sophistication of characters, as well as long-lasting inhuman fatalities. All this is present in the version for smartphones, which, unlike other computer franchises, is not so simplistic. Interesting modes have been implemented, such as faction wars (you need to develop your team of 3 characters), daily challenges and classic PVP battles. Skulls break here in the highest degree of aesthetics, but an aggressive donat can slightly spoil the impression of a mobile MK.

Shadow Fight Series

Download: Google Play

Leading the top 10 fighting games on Android is the Shadow Fight series. We decided not to choose the best part, but to mark all three games at once. They were developed specifically for mobile devices, so in terms of the quality of the gameplay, any SF outperforms its more eminent competitors. Fans of fighting with live opponents should download the online version of Arena, fans of an interesting plot will be delighted with the second part, and amazing graphics are a feature of Shadow Fight 3.

Games became famous due to the ability to use a large arsenal of weapons: swords, hammers, spears, nunchucks, shurikens and much more. The gameplay here is based on the correct assessment of the weapon, its area of ​​​​effect and timings, and not on the click of the sensor. Shadow Fight is undoubtedly the best fighting game on the phone both online and offline.

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