Top 10 feature phones for Old Parents. Convenient models for pensioners

Anyone who has a grandparent knows how difficult it is to choose a good feature phone for retirees. 
The segment is littered with consumer goods that can ruin the nerves of even a modern user, let alone an aged person. 
However, there are still high-quality devices. 
In confirmation of our words, we present the corresponding rating. 
After reading it, you will find out which phone for the elderly is the best in terms of price, quality and ease of use.
Feature phones for the elderly 2022
F+ Ezzy Trendy1

An inexpensive device from a brand little known in the ranks of the inhabitants. In fact, it is manufactured by Fly, which changed its name several years ago. But the Chinese have retained their policy of creating high-quality budget dialers, so the gadget is worthy, it fits the role of a granny phone like a glove. Ezzy Trendy1 is equipped with a large keyboard with separate keys and backlight, as well as a 2.4-inch display, which displays all the information in large print.

There is support for two SIM cards, and when you close the lid, you can set the call to be reset, which is much more convenient for a pensioner than looking for the right key. The design is no frills, but the plastic is of good quality, which is already good at such a cost. The same can be said about the 800 mAh battery.

teXet TM-B227

Price: from 2,160 rubles

Continues the rating of push-button phones for the elderly teXet TM-B227. The device has a compact size, due to which it will fit in any pocket, but at the same time large keys on the keyboard. Another advantage of the gadget is a capacious 1500 mAh battery. It is recharged not through a conventional power supply, but with the help of a docking station: installing a gadget there is easier than trying to get into the connector with a plug. Especially when it comes to the visually impaired.

Otherwise, this is a typical push-button phone with standard functionality: support for two SIM-cards, a flashlight and a radio. As for the minuses, these include in some places an illogical menu, as well as an inconvenient unlock combination.

Alcatel 2019G

Price: from 2,059 rubles

Another popular model with a favorable price-quality ratio. The Alcatel 2019G is great for the elderly thanks to the keyboard with separate keys, as well as a 2.4-inch display with large fonts. Its advantage is a loud speaker that can be heard even from the next room. In the reviews, the owners also praise the microphone, which clearly transmits speech.

Other features of Alcatel 2019G include the ability to set ringtones for SMS, calls and alarms, the ability to create voice and text notes, the function of recording phone calls, a black list of numbers, as well as a fully working camera with which you can clearly photograph the text. There are no serious cons, if you are looking for the simplest phone for the elderly, this is a good choice.

Philips Xenium E207

Price: from 2 990 rubles

The target audience of Philips Xenium E207 are pensioners, so the developers have provided all the amenities for them. The 1700 mAh battery lasts for two weeks of battery life, the large keys are easy to hit, and a docking station is used for charging. Charging your mobile phone with it is extremely convenient.

Another important feature for the elderly is the SOS button. By pressing it, the phone will automatically start calling the preset numbers. In addition, the Xenium E207 has a keyboard lock button and a flashlight on the sidewall. The main disadvantage is that the letters of the subscriber’s name are too small for an incoming call.

Nokia 150 (2020) Dual Sim

Price: from 2 375 rubles

A mobile phone for fans of the iconic Nokia brand. There is support for two SIM cards, as well as microSD flash drives up to 32 GB. If desired, you can say your favorite songs on the memory card and set them as a call, SMS or alarm clock. The device is distinguished by good build quality, which is often the case with budget dialers, as well as autonomy. The 1020 mAh battery is enough for two weeks of battery life with a couple of calls a day.

The main disadvantage of the gadget is not the loudest speaker – the pensioner may not hear the call from the next room. All in all, choose wisely, even the best feature phones for the elderly aren’t perfect.

Itel It2590

Price: from 1,900 rubles

Itel It2590 is located at the equator of the top – a cheap, but interesting device thought out in detail. It is charged using a special docking station, which eliminates the fuss with wires. You will not have to connect a gadget to it often, since a 1900 mAh battery lasts three weeks in call mode.

In addition, this is the best phone for pensioners with hearing loss – the speaker is very loud here, and the microphone clearly captures speech, bringing it to the interlocutor without distortion. With compact dimensions, It2590 has rather large buttons, as well as a well-read display, although not the largest diagonal – 2.2 inches. Other advantages include a radio that works without headphones, an intuitive menu, an SOS button, and the ability to set your own ringtones from a flash drive to a call. The controversial point is the up and down keys instead of the classic joystick.

Alcatel 3025X

Price: from 3 450 rubles

Alcatel’s clamshell phone stopped a step away from getting on the prize podium. Despite the fact that the model appeared on the market several years ago, it still looks no worse than the new push-button devices market. The gadget boasts a comfortable keyboard, a loud speaker, and a convenient search system – you can find the desired subscriber both by name and by phone number.

Alcatel 3025X also has call recording, which modern touchscreen smartphones cannot boast of. From other functionality – radio, black list, as well as the ability to set your own ringtone for a call. Unfortunately, the phone does not have a slot for a second SIM card, and the plastic from which the case is made is quickly overwritten. Otherwise, in terms of price / quality ratio, the option is excellent.

Philips Xenium E185

Price: from 3,141 rubles

If you need a big-screen phone for the elderly, take a look at the Philips Xenium E185. A huge 2.8-inch display with a resolution of 320×240 pixels is installed here. The picture looks clear, and all information is displayed using a large font.

However, this is not the main advantage of the device. It is equipped with a monstrous 3100 mAh battery, which can provide up to a month of work without recharging. If necessary, the Xenium E185 can be used as a power bank and power another gadget from it via a USB cable. Also captivating is the responsive backlit keyboard, separate talk/media speakers, and a solid, durable chassis.

F+ Ezzy 2

Price: from 1,795 rubles

The silver of the selection goes to the F+ Ezzy 2. Despite its nondescript design, this is a very competent phone for the elderly with large buttons and a number of advantages. Separate speakers are installed here, both of which sound loud, as well as a 1400 mAh battery. He does not set autonomy records, but more than once a week you will not have to charge the device. There is also a radio here, which can work without headphones due to the fact that the gadget has its own antenna.

Also, pensioners will appreciate the SOS button and stable signal reception. You will stay connected even outside the city, where most smartphones will sit in a puddle. As for the minuses, these include a useless camera, as well as the inability to set two numbers for one contact, but for that kind of money it’s forgivable.

Panasonic KX-TU456RU

Price: 4 049 rubles

The first place is taken by the Japanese – Panasonic KX-TU456RU. In addition to the laconic design, the device attracts with a durable case with shock protection according to the military standard MIL-STD-810G, which is very rare in push-button devices.

On the outside there is an additional screen that displays the time and notifications. The speakers here are separate, with an orderly volume, you can safely count on good audibility during a conversation and a loud ring when incoming calls. The battery holds up to two weeks, there is an SOS button, as well as three special keys that can be programmed to call the desired contacts. The only thing is that you will have to get used to the interface, at first glance it is not the most intuitive.

We hope this article has helped you decide which phone to buy for an elderly person. If we forgot to mention some smart models, write them in the comments.