Top 10 adventure games for Android. Adventure for your smartphone!

  • September 6, 2022

Top 10 adventure games for Android. Adventure for your smartphone!

Adventure games are a very diverse genre in which you can find gameplay elements for every taste. However, at the forefront here is almost always the player’s immersion in the virtual world, as well as the possibility of exploring it.

A lot of good adventure games are available on smartphones. Therefore, today we will take a closer look at the genre and tell you about the best adventure games for Android.


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A cursory glance at Oceanhorn is enough to understand that the developers are clearly inspired by The Legend of Zelda series. But such a comparison has never been presented, but rather a compliment. Playing as a nameless boy, we will go in search of a father who has gone to fight a monster named Oceanhorn.

Along the way, you will have to fight, sail on a boat, fly, fish and interact with the environment, solving simple puzzles. Unpretentious at first, the game acquires new mechanics as it progresses and does not let you get bored. Yes, and with the plot there is complete order, and the stylized graphics do not in the least prevent you from being imbued with drama.


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Open-world games in a historical setting are a rare guest on the mobile platform. Do you even remember at least one project, the action of which would unfold in the Ottoman Empire during its heyday? Zaptiye fills this gap by sending you to the streets of Istanbul to administer justice for one of the Sultan’s loyal subjects.

The gameplay of the game resembles the Turkish Red Dead Redemption at the minimum. Everything is based on action, shooting and horse racing between locations. Zaptiye is ready to offer a lot of different tasks and quite an interesting plot worthy of getting into the top adventure games for Android.

Guardian Tales

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Guardian Tales is a pixel adventure game in which you take on the role of a guard guarding the walls of your hometown. Suddenly, he is attacked by an army of monsters led by a powerful dark being. We’ll have to overcome the villain, but first – enlist the support of faithful comrades.

Guardian Tales is full of variety: there is team combat, and pumping, and even stealth missions. There is a choice of dialogues, as well as a morality system that allows you to play a good or evil hero. References, humor, drama – all in time and in moderation.

Russian Village Simulator 3D

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Vacation time is over, but you can spend time in the village virtually. “Russian Village Simulator 3D” will take you straight to a typical outback, where everything is recognizable at a glance: wooden houses, a vegetable garden, cows, grandmothers on benches, trying to figure out for three men. In general, everything to let a mean nostalgic tear.

You will have to entertain yourself in the virtual village on your own. Chop firewood, milk a cow, dig in the city – the locals will pay for everything. And with the money you earn, you can buy yourself something from the domestic auto industry. Leisure here is fishing and a rural disco, where they can fill their faces. Beauty and more.


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Continues our ranking of the best adventure games for Android Swordigo. This toy is most reminiscent of a console platformer with retro-styled graphics. However, not everything is so simple, Swordigo also has RPG elements: for monsters they give experience, thanks to which you can upgrade the hero and learn new spells.

The plot of the plot is trivial – the boy is given a quest to find a magic sword in order to defeat a terrible monster. But more is not required: everything is decided by a simple but addictive gameplay, for which you can spend many hours offline.

Gangstar New York

Download: TapTap

Is there something in the spirit of GTA among smartphone games? Getting to know Gangstar New York will convince you that there is. Moreover, with the best chips of the series in the form of a big city in which you are free to go wherever you like, shooting, cars and missions of a criminal nature. Moreover, the city here is futuristic, shining with neon signs, and drones fly in the air.

Not without cool gadgets – the main character has a jetpack, which accounts for the lion’s share of the pleasure of the process. After a few starting tasks, the online mode opens, and a truly interesting game begins with live players. Unfortunately, the project is still in beta test, and it is not available on Google Play, but everyone can download the game via TapTap.

Sky: Children of the Light

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And now for truly atmospheric adventure games on your phone. Sky: Children of the Light captivates with its meditativeness from the first seconds – a calm, relaxing journey through the landscapes of a magical land to high-quality music takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Good graphics set the tone: the wind shakes the hem of the raincoat, sand flies from under the character’s feet, each frame is like a picture of a talented artist.

Gliding through the desert dunes and flying through the air, you will discover the secrets of this fairy-tale world, meet various characters and be imbued with their touching little stories. You can stumble upon other players and communicate with them with gestures, a trifle, but greatly adds life to the game.

Life is Strange

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A good premise for the plot is unusual things that happened in ordinary reality. The main character of Life is Strange, schoolgirl Max Caulfield, discovers her ability to control time. It’s a big temptation to try to fix your own and other people’s problems, but is it worth it?

The whole gameplay of Life is Strange rests on this choice. As in visual novels, the story comes to the fore here, plunging the player into a maelstrom of human relationships full of tragedy, hatred, friendship and love. The game can be recommended to fans of light summer romance and high-quality narrative. Moreover, you can play LiS without the Internet.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

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The best adventure games for Android simply could not do without a trip to the school of witchcraft and wizardry. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will allow you to immerse yourself in the universe you have loved since childhood. Create a wizard or a witch and go to Hogwarts with a letter of acceptance, do not forget to stock up on the most necessary things in Diagon Alley.

At this point, the indicator of tubeness and nostalgia can already go off scale. But there is also learning the magical craft, Quidditch and the main plot, which is connected with the wizard’s brother, who was expelled from Hogwarts for searching for some cursed vaults.

Genshin Impact

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A tops the top Android adventure games Genshin Impact. You can treat gacha mechanics as you like and accuse them of squeezing money out of the players, but this will not change the fact that the Chinese have made a very cool and sincere game. It has a big world filled with many activities, well-thought-out combat based on the interaction of the elements, and memorable characters.

Moreover, new heroes here are quite successfully opened and for free, if you are not too lazy and grind. The world of Genshin Impact is a pleasure to be in, admire the scenery, look for secrets and storm the dungeons with friends.

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