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Tom Odell full Biography

British singer Tom Odell calls his fans’ support the fuel he drives on the rocky road called life. Now the musician has millions of fans, but this was not always the case. 

To fame, he went through writing songs on the table, performing in empty halls and the painful experience of unrequited love.

Childhood and youth

Tom Odell was born on November 24, 1990 in Chichester, a city in West Sussex. As a child, Odell managed to live in New Zealand, as the professional interests of his father, who worked as a pilot, required it. The singer’s mother was a primary school teacher.

The boy attended a private college, and from the age of 7 he took piano lessons. Tom Odell admitted that for all his love for music, he hated playing scales, so by the age of 13 he almost abandoned his studies, and sat down at the instrument to compose songs.

Tom Odell in childhood

Tom Odell in childhood / photo: @tompeterodell

Tom Odell was embarrassed to share the fruits of his work, because among his peers only playing football was held in high esteem. It is unlikely that there would be someone who appreciated his composition about a spider living on a windowsill, which the singer still considers to be the deepest of all written by him.

Tom Odell created his first music under the influence of Elton John, whose early work he considers brilliant. But in general, Tom listened to and loved different things – from David Bowie and Arcade Fire to Tom Waits and Radiohead

Despite the fact that the young musician did not really believe in his talent, he mustered up the courage and went on stage, realizing that it was foolish to expect progress from playing in his own bedroom.

Tom Odell chose open spaces in the bars of Brighton, where he was soon recognized, although, by his own admission as a musician, he wrote bad songs and could hardly sing. I had to deal with humiliating situations when they just took away the microphone from him and laughed.

To improve his skills, after leaving school, Tom tried to enter the Liverpool College of Music, but did not pass the selection. 

Then he began to study at the Institute of Contemporary Music in Brighton, and from there every week he drove in his grandmother’s car in the evenings to London, where he gave concerts. 

There Odell met Lily Allen, who was fascinated by the simultaneous fragility and strength of his voice.

The girl invited the young performer to drink beer and a month later signed a contract with him on the In The Name Of (ITNO) record label. It was a shock to Tom, as he had never met anyone remotely famous before. 

And then Tom Odell not only entered the circle of the elite, but also received an advance, which seemed to him a lot of money.

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Odell’s musical biography began in the group Tom and the Tides, but the singer quickly realized that he liked working in an atmosphere where everything depended only on him, and preferred a solo path. 

Tom Odell’s first mini-album Songs from Another Love was released in the fall of 2012, and at the same time they started talking about him as a promising musician.

The debut album Long Way Down, released in 2013, cemented the status of a rising star for Odell, not without reason he won the Brits Critics’ Choice Award as the most promising artist. 

It is worth noting that before him this award was given only to women, and not anyhow, but Adele , Jessie J and Florence Welch. However, the Ivor Novello Awards, presented by the British Academy of Composers as a token of his composing merits, turned out to be much dearer to Tom’s heart.

Odell tried to write timeless music that would remain relevant for centuries, and therefore he chose emotional experiences that always resonate in the hearts of listeners as the main theme. 

At the same time, Tom’s tracks turned out to be devoid of sweetness, which attracted an audience of different ages to him – from teenagers to their parents.

Can’t Pretend and Another Love became unconditional hits, and the performer went on tour in Europe and the USA, where he was expected by a warm welcome. Before falling in love with the tour, Tom had to go through a period of fear and fatigue. 

However, over time, performing in front of the public began to charge him with energy. In 2014, Tom first went to Russia, giving concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Odell’s second full-length album was titled Wrong Crowd and was released in 2016. It was sustained in the same genre vein as the previous one: soaring piano parts, thoughtful lyrics and warm pre-digital sound.

Personal life

The singer admitted that he was indifferent to parties and had difficulty making friends, making do with three old, time-tested ones. Odell’s personal life also did not immediately go smoothly. 

For example, a girl he fell in love with during school holidays ended up with a football player boyfriend, and Tom got hurt more than once from his friends.

At the same time, Tom Odell calls the period of unhappy love productive from a creative point of view: “A broken heart gives birth to damn good songs.” 

Worrying about broken love relationships made him emotional and honest, and he was not even afraid to decorate the cover of his debut mini-album with a photo of his ex.

Having gained rapid popularity, Tom Odell automatically moved into the category of enviable suitors, but at first he was in no hurry to use the advantage he received. He was met in the company of Taylor Swift , but the relationship did not go far, as Odell was not ready to get involved with someone so public.

Tom Odell and Taylor Swift

Tom Odell and Taylor Swift

In 2015, the artist began dating the blond model Cindy Lima, with whom he did not advertise the affair at first, introducing the girl only in a close circle. Over time, their relationship ceased to be a secret, and Cindy became Tom Odell’s constant companion and his main support.

In 2019, the singer spoke about the painful breakup with Lima. According to him, he was still in love and lived in a state of omnipresent anxiety, which reached the point of panic attacks and fainting. 

To control his emotions, Tom Odell meditated twice a day, but not without medical support.

Now Odell appears in public and in photos on social networks in the company of British model Georgie Somerville, who at the end of 2020 showed the public an engagement ring on her ring finger and assured Tom Odell that she was delighted with the prospect of spending the rest of her life with him.

Tom Odell now

In July 2021, Odell’s discography was replenished with the album Monsters, which the public was looking forward to: 3 years had passed since the release of the previous record Jubilee Road at that time. 

But Tom Odell is not one of those who strikes with the rate of fire and fertility – he takes thoughtfulness and loyalty to himself, which is why each of his new albums does not disappoint fans. The release debuted at number 4 in the UK charts.

In 2022, Tom Odell continued to make music. In March, he gave a series of free concerts in front of Ukrainian refugees in Bucharest and said that due to the tragic events, he had postponed the release of his new song.

Interesting Facts about Tom Odell

  1. The singer spent the first fee on a used Mini Cooper, which was stolen from him after 3 weeks.
  2. Tom Odell admitted that he did not like to sing and began his career as a singer only to have his songs heard.
  3. Tom Odell is the ambassador of the Burberry fashion house and has repeatedly performed at its shows.
  4. The singer dreams of writing music for a Quentin Tarantino film .
  5. Eurovision 2022 participants from Italy were suspected of plagiarism: their song Brividi was painfully reminiscent of Another Love.
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